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VIP flight attendant training

Our two-day corporate flight attendant training course is the only one in Europe

that is recommended by leading private jet operators and business aviation companies. Training Solutions was founded in 2007 in Switzerland and it has gained an international reputation in the business aviation community by welcoming over 55 private jet operators as clients.

Our VIP flight attendant training courses have run successfully since 2007 in Geneva, and 1400 flight attendants from 75 countries have taken part during that time.

Commercial flight attendants who wish to work as private jet cabin crew are welcome to participate in this training course that covers all important aspects through its hands-on, or learning by doing approach.

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Covid-19: Since May 2020, all of our Corporate Flight Attendant Training Courses include all the necessary cleaning and disinfecting procedures and recommendations in regards to Covid-19. Covid-19- Coronavirus cleaning procedures and products which Training Solutions recommends are approved by leading private jet operators as well as private jet manufacturers.


Training dates for 2023
January 21-22
February 18-19
March 18-19
April 22-23
May 20-21
June 17-18
July 15-16
August 19-20
September 16-17
October 14-15
November 11-12
December 9-10




December1 2016

Europe’s only VIP Flight Attendant Training recommended by private jet operators:

Fifty-five private jets operators have entrusted Training Solutions since 2007 with educating their existing and future private jet cabin crew. By 2009, we already have received recommendation letters for our VIP flight attendant training from some of the best-known and leading private jet operators in the industry. These companies are the current and future employers for our training participants, so receiving their recommendation for our courses gives our trainees an advantage when they work or want to work as private jet cabin crew. In 2019, we have received our 6th recommendation letter from one of the biggest private jet operators in Europe, so Training Solutions continues to set standards in VIP Flight Attendant Training in Customer Service Excellence & Soft Skills.

All of our VIP Flight Attendant Training Courses are conducted by Dietmar Duller, the Founder & Course Leader of Training Solutions, who has conducted more than 200 VIP Cabin Crew Training Courses since 2007. He happily shares his extensive experience, knowledge and passion with all training participants.

The number of participants is limited in order to ensure enough personal attention is provided to each training participant. Since 2007, Dietmar Duller has personally conducted 90 in-house VIP flight attendant training courses for private jet operators in 28 cities, namely Helsinki, London, Luton, Farnborough, Sonderborg, Luxembourgh, Amsterdam, Braunschweig, Stuttgart, Baden-Baden, Nürnberg, Zurich, Basel, Bern, Geneva, Lausanne, Innsbruck, Paris, Nice, Athens, Nicosia, Marrakesh, Rabat, N’Djamena, Baku, Almaty, Doha and Manama.

In more than a decade of conducting VIP flight attendant training courses, Dietmar Duller has learned that our private jet operators who we know personally often make all the difference when we help our training participants find work after the courses are finished. We are proud to be Europe’s only VIP flight attendant training and recruitment company, and the fact that we have been in business since 2007 clearly shows that we have found the winning formula. Training Solutions also only offers VIP Flight Attendant Training Courses in Customer Service Excellence & Soft Skills, but no Safety Training Courses, as many of our private jet operators, business aviation clients and stock exchange companies who operate private jets offer safety training courses internally on their premises.

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The training program is constantly updated towards the latest trends, and existing corporate flight attendants who wish to improve their skills frequently participate in it.
Training is based on “hands- on” or “learning by doing” and every training course is conducted by Dietmar Duller, the Founder & Course Leader of Training Solutions.

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VIP flight attendant training topics day 1                 

·       In-flight silver service techniques
·       Private jet specific table setting for clients from Europe, Russia and the Middle East
·       Catering guidelines and menu planning
·       Serving luxury food items: caviar, sushi and sashimi, Balik salmon and Foie Gras
·       Serving tea and the important factors that affects the quality
·       Opening and tasting of Champagne, white Burgundy and red Bordeaux
·       Personalized after dinner drink service
·       Implications of meals and drinks served at high altitude
·       Special foods: Halal and Kosher
·       Religions onboard


VIP flight attendant training topics day 2

·       In-flight food safety and HACCP
·       Business aviation catering guidelines and menu examples
·       Corporate identity
·       Flight attendant philosophy and attitude
·       Handling difficult situations
·       Protocol: Head of States and Royals
·       Eye for detail: cabin and bathroom presentations
·       Private jet specific Standard Operating Procedures (before, during and after the flight)
·       Client profiles
·       In-flight child care excellence
·       Cultural differences
·       Exceeding customer expectations
·       Latest corporate flight attendant trends


·       Curriculum Vitae writing guidelines- corporate flight attendant specific
·       Writing an application letter for corporate flight attendant job opportunities

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The training location in Geneva, Switzerland is only 5 minutes away from the airport and a free shuttle bus service is offered every 20 minutes.

 1500 flight attendants from 75 countries have participated on 250 courses since 2007