Dietmar Duller

VIP flight attendant training courses in customer service excellence for business aviation companies and private owners, have taken place since 2007 on the following private jets:

About the company

Training Solutions

Training Solutions started in 2007 to train existing and future VIP cabin crew in customer service excellence for a leading European business aviation company.

The success and ensuing demand we received from our private jet clients, influenced the decision in 2010 to offer a monthly VIP cabin crew training course in Geneva, to which we welcome both commercial flight attendants who wish to enter the industry and existing VIP cabin crew.

In the same year, business aviation companies asked us for help with the recruitment of private jet cabin crew and since 2010 we have been Europe’s only VIP flight attendant training and recruitment company.

Training Solutions is a one-man company, and its Founder & Course Leader Dietmar Duller conducts every training course personally as consistency, experience, knowledge and innovation is vital in this industry.

Being a one-man company has many benefits for my clients, regardless if it is an individual or a business aviation company, as we can build personal relationships leading to our clients feeling comfortable.


Dietmar Duller – Founder & Course Leader