VIP Flight Attendant
Training & Recruitment SINCE 2007

Corporate Flight Attendant Training & Recruitment FAQ’s

How many people have attended VIP flight attendant training courses with Training Solutions?
Over 1000 flight attendants from 60 countries have participated since 2007 and this number is constantly increasing.

Where are the VIP cabin crew training courses held?
The open participation training takes place in Geneva, Switzerland. Customized in-house corporate flight attendant training courses are held in our clients’ own premises, with many having already taken place in 15 countries throughout Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Africa.

How long do the training courses last?
Open participation VIP flight attendant training in Geneva is held over two days. In-house training courses last from two to four days, depending on the exact requirements of our clients.

Are your VIP flight attendant training courses well known in the business aviation industry?
Yes. Thirthyfive chief flight attendants, representing most major business aviation companies in Europe and in the Middle East, have participated on our training courses. For more details, please see VIP flight attendant training “Letters of Recommendation” on the website.

How many business aviation clients does Training Solutions have?
At present, Training Solutions has fourty business aviation companies as clients, a list of whom can be found on our website.

Will attending the course help me in finding a job as a VIP flight attendant?
Many flight attendants with a commercial aviation background have successfully attended courses and are now flying for business aviation companies. Please see the section on testimonials to see feedback from participants.

Do I receive a certificate?
Yes, and as business aviation companies are aware of the high standards of the courses, all participants can confidently include the training certificate on their CV.

How many people can attend each training courses?
As we believe that quality is more important than quantity, and all of our training courses are based on “hands-on” or “learning by-doing”, the number of participants is limited.

Is there a dress code for the training courses?
As the courses are professionally run for the business and corporate market, business  dress is required for all the training courses.

How much does your training course cost?
Prices depend on the exact course required. Please send an e-mail detailing your requirements from our contact form and we will be happy to send you a price.

Do you help participants with their Curriculum Vitae?
Yes. The Curriculum Vitae must create a good first impression and is therefore very important. Examples of Curriculum Vitae are discussed and participants are encouraged to bring along their CVs for advice.

Will you help participants after the training course?
Yes. Dietmar Duller, the Founder & Course Leader of Training Solutions is always happy to help participants who have attended the training courses. He is in constant touch with business aviation companies around the globe and has a huge network of contacts.

Can I contact you if I still have questions?
Yes certainly. Please send an e-mail from our contact form.