VIP Flight Attendant
Training & Recruitment SINCE 2007

Our VIP cabin crew training in customer service excellence and VIP cabin crew recruitment services have now been operating for 12 years and Training Solutions has reached another milestone: We conducted the 200th VIP cabin crew training course, which took place in Geneva and to which we welcomed commercial cabin crew and existing VIP cabin crew from the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, France, Spain and Romania. Another five-day VIP flight attendant training course took place for an undisclosed private jet operator in Africa, for whom we welcomed local flight attendants. The very smart, highly motivated and very passionate private jet flight attendants were educated in many topics, including an introduction to the wines of Champagne, Burgundy and Bordeaux as well as leadership & teamwork and culinary training, which included modern and stylish plate presentation techniques, as well as the latest food and beverage trends in Europe. We continued to conduct several in-house training courses for European business aviation companies at their home bases for both their existing and new-start flight attendants, and we helped these clients by establishing high standard operating procedures. Alongside helping these private jet operators with establishing many guidelines, we also focus particularly on important aspects, such as the cleanliness of private jets and which special products to use, as this is one of the major issues for a private individual who owns a business jet. Our monthly training courses continued in Geneva, and we conducted VIP flight attendant training courses Nr.207 in December of 2019. Having conducted more than 200 training courses personally, is a clear advantage for the participating existing and future private jet cabin crew. In 2019 we continued to welcome ladies and gentleman from Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Russia, Romania, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Greece, Serbia, Slovenia, Italy, Portugal, Spain, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, Luxembourgh, Belgium, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland and even the United States of America to our monthly VIP flight attendant training courses in Geneva, Switzerland. Our business aviation clients kept us busy again and we had private jet job offers for cabin crew for Nigeria, Berlin, Hong Kong, Dubai, the Middle East, the South of France, Germany, Paris and London. Several of these private jet cabin crew job opportunities come from long and established clients of ours and amongst them were several ones where the cabin crew could be based anywhere in Europe. Most job offers were again for Switzerland, where Geneva took the lead followed by Zurich and Basel, and it becomes more and more important to be based in Switzerland, the centre of the European business aviation industry, which is home to more private jet operators than any other country in Europe.

Training Solutions marked a new milestone recently, by welcoming the 750th VIP flight attendant to participate in our training course in customer service excellence in Geneva.
We are also very proud to welcome the 30th business aviation client to its growing list of international clients who trust Dietmar Duller with training their private jet flight attendants. These milestones bear testament to our continuing success in providing excellent quality training courses.

In 2018, we welcomed the 50th business aviation client to our growing customer list for whom we have conducted VIP flight attendant training courses in customer service excellence. The 50 clients who trust Training Solutions in educating their VIP cabin crew are European, Middle East, Eastern European, Asian and African business aviation companies, private owners from Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East, plus stock exchange listed companies who operate worldwide. It is clearly another milestone for our VIP flight attendant training to have 50 companies as clients as this is unique in the business aviation industry in Europe. We continued in 2018 to welcome many more commercial flight attendants who work in the Middle East and who wish to come back home to Europe, to continue their career by working on private jets as VIP cabin crew. Our private jet cabin crew training courses help commercial cabin crew to understand the differences between working commercial and on a private jets, thus enabling them to apply their skills and knowledge when they start to apply for future jobs as VIP cabin crew on their career path. Having 50 business aviation companies as clients also enables us to tell our VIP cabin crew training participants all the differences when it comes to working in different countries, knowing and understanding the working contracts which are being offered and the expected salaries and terms and conditions of having a Swiss, European or off-shore contract. The coaching and guidance we provide to our training participants is very well received, as this is often where commercial and existing VIP cabin crew need help, support and guidance on their career path. Another stock exchange company who operates several private jets joined our client list and they have sent all of their European, and even American based VIP cabin crew, to our customer service excellence training courses in Geneva. For many years, stock exchange listed companies who operate in many diverse industries trust us with their existing and new starting cabin crew in order for them to be as well prepared as possible. As Training Solutions offers a monthly VIP cabin crew training, business aviation clients are able to schedule ahead of time, which is another clear advantage for companies. Our private jet cabin crew recruitment service had several more flight attendants sign contracts with business aviation clients in Switzerland, Malta, Germany, France, the United Arab Emirates, Jordan and in the United Kingdom.

Marrakech in Morocco becomes the first training destination in Africa. In-house corporate flight attendant training takes place in Baku, Azerbaijan. Nomad Aviation, Silk Way Business Aviation, a private owner from Bahrain and a private owner from the United Kingdom become clients. 100th corporate flight attendant training course in customer service excellence is celebrated.

In 2017, Swiss based VIP flight attendant training and recruitment specialist Training Solutions achieved another milestone by celebrating 10 years in business. Being based in Switzerland, the home to several worldwide operating business aviation companies, is a strong advantage for the company and we have built many long-lasting relationships due to our proximity and service excellence. Training Solutions started a new chapter called: “From commercial to VIP cabin crew- success stories” where training participants share their experience with us through testimonials, sharing how we have helped them with the training course, and especially, the continued support after the course by coaching them via phone calls, WhatsApp calls, email and face-to-face meetings when applicable. We always believed that the success of our flight attendant training participants is key to our success as they are our best marketing tool. Helping others to achieve their goals and to ultimately work as VIP cabin crew on private jets is something which makes me very proud and honoured, says Dietmar Duller. Several business aviation companies have also send us hospitality professionals who have started to work for them as private jet cabin crew, and our private jet standard operating procedures, guidelines for VIP catering, menu creation guidelines and lots of specific information related to working on private jets, has helped these training participants to gain confidence in their daily work.

75th corporate flight attendant training course is conducted in Germany. Over 500 flight attendants from more than 30 countries have already participated. Aircare FACTS Training, a leader in Crewmember Emergency Procedure training and Training Solutions sign an agreement and begin offering combined training courses in Amsterdam. In-house corporate flight attendant training takes place in Denmark and Greece. First customer service excellence training for the entire cabin crew of a Boeing 767 for a client from Saudi Arabia takes place. Air Alsie, Amac Corporate Jets, Amjet Executive, a private owner from Saudi Arabia, a private owner from Eastern Europe, and a private owner from Azerbaijan become clients.

Our VIP flight attendant training course in customer service excellence welcomed both existing and new business aviation clients for-in-house training courses. An African business aviation client used the opportunity, while their aircraft was in Switzerland for maintenance, to send their VIP cabin crew for more detailed, training courses. We were able to help this client by establishing good inventory and equipment lists thus enabling them to work more efficiently. This has also been another very good year for our VIP flight attendant recruitment service, through recommendation and the excellence of our courses, we added more business aviation companies to our growing client base. Using our recruitment advertising, we were able to find suitable VIP flight attendants for both an existing business aviation client in Nigeria, and for a client in Jordan amongst many others in Europe. The monthly VIP flight attendant training in Geneva continued to welcome many commercial cabin crew, especially from the Middle East, who want to change from commercial to private jet cabin crew. Our VIP flight attendant training courses have also been updated to incorporate and add the latest trends and changes in the business aviation industry. The Luxaviation Group, the world’s second biggest business aviation company that operates more than 240 private jets, has been the 6th business aviation company from whom we have received a recommendation letter for our VIP cabin crew training courses in customer service excellence. We have conducted several in-house training courses for the Luxaviation Group and their existing VIP cabin crew in Luxembourgh, London and Paris.

Culinary corporate flight attendant training takes place in London. The first corporate flight attendant training takes place on an Airbus 319. Dietmar Duller, the Founder & Course Leader of Training Solutions is invited to speak at the Cabin Crew Symposium at EBACE 2011. Forty corporate flight attendants for one of the largest European business aviation companies are trained. DC Aviation, Take C’air and a private owner from Russia become clients.

VIP flight attendant training for aircraft operators took place in Paris, Nice, Luxembourg, London-Luton, Helsinki, Almaty and Geneva in 2015. Training Solutions welcomed the 40th business aviation operator to its growing customer base and we have now conducted training courses in 16 countries in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa.
Our monthly VIP cabin crew training in Geneva, which has been offered since 2010, continues to be successful with many business aviation companies sending individual participants. We increased the number of private jet cabin crew recruited for both leading business aviation companies and private owners, with 15 flight attendants signing contracts. Another milestone was reached when we welcomed the 1000th VIP flight attendant to a training course, a lady from Hong Kong.

In- house corporate flight attendant training takes place in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom. 50th corporate flight attendant training course in customer service excellence takes place. The entire corporate flight attendant department for a head of state is trained in Manama, Bahrain. Tyrolean Jet Services, Gama Aviation, a private owner from the United Arab Emirates, and a private owner from Bahrain become clients.