VIP Flight Attendant
Training & Recruitment SINCE 2007


Our VIP flight attendant training course in customer service excellence welcomed both existing and new business aviation clients for-in-house training courses. An African business aviation client used the opportunity, while their aircraft was in Switzerland for maintenance, to send their VIP cabin crew for more detailed, training courses. We were able to help this client by establishing good inventory and equipment lists thus enabling them to work more efficiently. This has also been another very good year for our VIP flight attendant recruitment service, through recommendation and the excellence of our courses, we added more business aviation companies to our growing client base. Using our recruitment advertising, we were able to find suitable VIP flight attendants for both an existing business aviation client in Nigeria, and for a client in Jordan amongst many others in Europe. The monthly VIP flight attendant training in Geneva continued to welcome many commercial cabin crew, especially from the Middle East, who want to change from commercial to private jet cabin crew. Our VIP flight attendant training courses have also been updated to incorporate and add the latest trends and changes in the business aviation industry. The Luxaviation Group, the world’s second biggest business aviation company that operates more than 240 private jets, has been the 6th business aviation company from whom we have received a recommendation letter for our VIP cabin crew training courses in customer service excellence. We have conducted several in-house training courses for the Luxaviation Group and their existing VIP cabin crew in Luxembourgh, London and Paris.