VIP Flight Attendant
Training & Recruitment SINCE 2007


In 2018, we welcomed the 50th business aviation client to our growing customer list for whom we have conducted VIP flight attendant training courses in customer service excellence. The 50 clients who trust Training Solutions in educating their VIP cabin crew are European, Middle East, Eastern European, Asian and African business aviation companies, private owners from Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East, plus stock exchange listed companies who operate worldwide. It is clearly another milestone for our VIP flight attendant training to have 50 companies as clients as this is unique in the business aviation industry in Europe. We continued in 2018 to welcome many more commercial flight attendants who work in the Middle East and who wish to come back home to Europe, to continue their career by working on private jets as VIP cabin crew. Our private jet cabin crew training courses help commercial cabin crew to understand the differences between working commercial and on a private jets, thus enabling them to apply their skills and knowledge when they start to apply for future jobs as VIP cabin crew on their career path. Having 50 business aviation companies as clients also enables us to tell our VIP cabin crew training participants all the differences when it comes to working in different countries, knowing and understanding the working contracts which are being offered and the expected salaries and terms and conditions of having a Swiss, European or off-shore contract. The coaching and guidance we provide to our training participants is very well received, as this is often where commercial and existing VIP cabin crew need help, support and guidance on their career path. Another stock exchange company who operates several private jets joined our client list and they have sent all of their European, and even American based VIP cabin crew, to our customer service excellence training courses in Geneva. For many years, stock exchange listed companies who operate in many diverse industries trust us with their existing and new starting cabin crew in order for them to be as well prepared as possible. As Training Solutions offers a monthly VIP cabin crew training, business aviation clients are able to schedule ahead of time, which is another clear advantage for companies. Our private jet cabin crew recruitment service had several more flight attendants sign contracts with business aviation clients in Switzerland, Malta, Germany, France, the United Arab Emirates, Jordan and in the United Kingdom.