I heard of Mr. Dietmar Duller in 2014 from a colleague who showed me his VIP flight attendant training material when I started my new job as a private jet cabin crew member. I admired his handouts from the first time I read his material. I reached my goal a few years later when I attended his training course in Geneva.

Only after this training I learned what it means to be a VIP Flight Attendant. Dietmar’s knowledge is very extensive; he is the utmost professional and very well known in the business aviation industry.

The quality of his training is very impressive and I have learned a lot and have gained confidence. Since the training course we’ve been keeping in touch via email and Dietmar has been mentoring me. He always helps me when needed and yes, Dietmar’s advice is always needed.

Private jet cabin crew Sigrid Härkönen, Finland


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It has been almost two years since I decided to do the training with Dietmar in 2018. I am still so glad I got the chance to meet Dietmar who shared all his knowledge about business aviation. More over Dietmar gave me advice on how to apply to a good and reliable company, and even when I got the job he has always been there for me if I need some help, always happy to give a quick call and catch-up.

Silvia Cardoso, Private jet cabin crew- Ecuador- France


My name is Marta and I come from Poland. I had been hearing about Dietmar’s course for many years (at that time I was living in the Middle East and working for a commercial airline,) when finally in August 2017 signed up for the VIP Flight attendant training course and went to Geneva. I really wanted to move to corporate aviation and attending his training was the best decision I took! Not only did I get to know the differences between commercial and corporate aviation, but also learned so much about how private jets operate, the responsibilities of a VIP Flight Attendant, how to organise self-arranged catering, cabin decoration and much, much more. After finishing the training we received a certificate as well as a folder over 100 pages long on the topics learned. What I appreciate the most is that, if you want, Dietmar will stay in touch with you after the course.

This is what happened in my case – he helped me with writing my CV, assisted me whenever I was preparing for interviews and 8 months after I finished his training, I got my dream job in a leading company in business aviation. His training provided me with the knowledge and the confidence, which were the main factors that helped me to be successful in getting the job. Dietmar is very well known in the private aviation industry and since I added his training on my CV, almost every time I had a job interview, recruiters would ask me about it and the fact that I attended his course was definitely seen as a big asset. Now, 3 years after I attended his course, we are still in touch. I know I can count on his advice, feedback and assistance. There are plenty of courses on the market, but his is undoubtedly the best!’

Marta Zemankiewicz- flight attendant on corporate jets- Poland

I choose to learn from the best. When it comes to VIP cabin crew training Dietmar Duller is that person- he is skilful, passionate and motivated to show you the way. The private jet cabin crew training course is a roller coaster ride exploring corporate aviation. Dietmar’s ability to produce consistently great work while meticulously crafting and leading this class is a testament to his dedication, to his work and to adding value to people’s lives.

He inspired me to work harder. That spells success. He is not only a great instructor but also a great mentor to me and since my training in June 2017 we have been in touch on many occasions. I would recommend Dietmar to anyone. Thank you Dietmar, it was an honour!

Claire Tryfon, private jet cabin crew member with more than 10 years of private jet flying experience, Greece


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“Since attending Mr. Dietmar Duller’s course in May 2018, I‘ve always been able to rely on his accurate advice. The feeling he is there to help you and knowing you are always welcome to call him is of utmost importance. I was able, by relying on his ongoing help, to evaluate various opportunities in the industry and make the best decisions. The instant you meet him you know he will make his training reflect further, and that he will care for your progress long after. I am truly grateful to have him on my side in this career journey.”

Andreea Banut- commercial and private jet cabin crew from Romania

In 2015 I had the chance to move to Riyadh and start working as a VIP Flight Attendant. My lack of previous experience in the field and the desire to relocate to Europe made me finally attend the training in 2016. It helped me to gain knowledge regarding corporate aviation and I learned a lot about how the market was in Europe and what to expect.

I felt supported by Dietmar Duller at all times and even after all these years, we have always kept in touch. From the beginning, he helped me to focus on where I wanted to get to, to believe in myself and to fight for my dream even if that meant starting all over again. His training and personal tutoring during, and especially after the training, is completely worth it and highly recommended!”

Corporate flight attendant with private jet experience in the Middle East and Europe, Carmen Potero Sanz, Spain


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I participated in 2013 in the “Corporate Flight Attendant Training in Customer Service Excellence” run by Dietmar Duller in Geneva. I was very impressed with Dietmar’s experience, knowledge and competence, as well as his open personality and friendly approach to participants. Dietmar, in addition to high qualifications, personal culture and class, has also a unique style of conducting the training sessions in an extremely pleasant atmosphere and with an individual approach. Each participant feels appreciated, respected and cared for.

What was most important to me, however, was the fact that Dietmar does not end his contact with the participants when he hands over the training certificate, but maintains in good relations long afterwards. He always finds time to reply to a message, call, ask about news, as well as provide support in case of difficulties and guide the career path. In today’s world, this is an extremely valuable experience, I have always known that I could contact Dietmar for his advice or support, for which I am very grateful. I wholeheartedly recommend Dietmar’s course, which definitely stands out from the competition with not only with its professionalism, level and prestige, but also – and perhaps most of all – with Dietmar’s unique approach to each participant. Dietmar’s personality makes it an invaluable professional relationship that is definitely worth cultivating. Thanking Dietmar for the 7 years of professional acquaintance so far, I wish everyone the opportunity to cross the path with Dietmar and his trainings during their professional adventure in aviation.

Justyna Kłęk, commercial and private jet cabin crew from Poland, Participated in 2013 on a private jet cabin crew training course

“It is with a great pleasure that I will tell you about my experience with Dietmar and Training Solutions. Dietmar is very experienced and active within the business aviation industry. I know I can trust him for advice, whether it’s for information on private aviation companies or my CV. I learned a lot when I did my training in Geneva with Dietmar; the training is very helpful and opens a lot of doors.

Dietmar is always available and he gives us all his help to find a place that suits us in the private jet industry. For me he is the most suitable person to guide us in this wonderful world of business aviation. You can attend the training courses with confidence because I did it and today I am successful.”

Private jet cabin crew member Deisy Mendes Sequeira, France


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“I attended Training Solutions private jet cabin crew training course in May 2019 and I couldn’t be happier. I will always be grateful for Dietmar Dullers mentoring and support, especially in my low moments when I was about to quit.

Dietmar Duller has helped me enhancing my Curriculum Vitae and job searching skills and, what I like the most, we have been in touch by email and phone on a regular basis since then, even twice a week at certain times! Herzlichen Dank Dietmar!”

Private jet cabin crew, Raúl Pérez- Spain

Dietmar is one of the first people I met when I decided to become a Corporate FA in 2018. I attended one of his courses in Geneva and found it particularly useful for a commercial FA who wishes to go private.

But our journey didn’t stop after the course. Dietmar was kind enough to assist whenever there is a new opportunity for me even though we are thousand miles away from each other (I am based in Hong Kong). He also taught me how to write my CV, which got me my chances of meeting the private jet operators and recruiters. Thank you Dietmar!

Athena Chiu, Cabin crew from Hong Kong


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 Luana Di Franco hdrcp

“Since my first interaction with Dietmar, even before our meeting, he showed great care and dedicated attention. Always open to listening to better understand my background and how to bring out my full potential, from my rich and diverse life experiences as well as my professional career. Dietmar has been there for me any time of day, giving support, advice and guidance, as a coach and as a friend.

It’s amazing to have the opportunity to evolve, grow and shine, side by side with such a gentleman as Dietmar, where he will always prioritize values and principals along with the purpose of life. It’s with great esteem that I accepted his invitation to be an Ambassador for Training Solutions.”

Luana De Franco, corporate flight attendant- Brazilian- Italian who is based in France & the United Kingdom.

Since I met Dietmar in July 2018, we still have a really good relationship. He is always available, helpful and generous. I can send him a message or email and he always replies as soon as he can. For example, I asked him how to improve my CV, what I needed to emphasise and what I didn’t. Straight away, he suggested that I do some research that would potentially help towards my following appointment. He is always one step ahead, looking towards the future.

While I was still on my first step (create my CV), he was already planning all the recruitment process and more! Because we are all individual and have different skills to offer, Dietmar takes time to learn about each of us. With Dietmar’s experience in business aviation, he can identify our skills and make the best use of all our experience. His training helps us identify the best ways of welcoming and serving the clients, taking into account their cultural and religious practices. The training also covers good gourmet food practices and storage. All of this helps us to create a comfortable atmosphere in a private jet. He has always a little story or experience to share, and these are very pleasant and informative to listen to. I still have his booklet that he gave us at the end of the training course. It’s like a mini encyclopedia, there for when I need a reminder or to brush-up my knowledge.

Private jet cabin crew from France, Geraldine Petit


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I joined Dietmar’s training in 2021 and the decision to participate in his corporate flight attendant training in 2021 has been the most important step I made in my career as a flight attendant. Today, a bit more then 3 months later, I have my first working day at my new job as a private jet cabin crew. My dream job and position I could not have reached without the help, support and advice from Dietmar. Due to Covid-19, I lost my job as a flight attendant. After a year without flying my boyfriend told me about Dietmar and his training and I got in contact with Dietmar immediately. One week later, I was participating in his 4-day online training course. During those four days I learned a lot. The course was very intense but so incredibly good and interesting. The days flew by and you just wished the days were longer. But, luckily it did not end after those four days. Dietmar has been on my side since the course. He has been supporting me with everything from editing and finishing a perfect Curriculum Vitae, to finding the right positions to apply for and has supported and advised me before and after my interviews. I have been in touch with Dietmar after every interview and his advice and experience is very beneficial. He is leaving every decision up to you, but he is helping you made the right one. In the private jet cabin crew industry it is very valuable to have an experienced mentor next to you and I cannot wait to call Dietmar and tell him about my first flight in my new role. Furthermore, it gives me a good and safe feeling to know, that Dietmar is never more than a call away if help, advice or professional experience is need during my duty. Thank you Dietmar. I am very grateful and I can highly recommend to participating!

Mathilde Groenbech Jansen, Former commercial cabin crew who transition successfully to private jet cabin crew, Denmark- Germany.

I attended Dietmar Duller‘s training in February after I found out about the opportunity to attend the training on LinkedIn and the international reviews were excellent. I can only agree with them. Dietmar Duller is an absolute professional and can draw on an enormous amount of knowledge. This advantage, combined with empathy, international connections and many years of experience makes him and his training an absolute must to enter the business aviation well prepared.

As an experienced flight attendant in commercial aviation myself(working for Emirates in Business Class), the training was a great asset for me! Even after the training and after my successful start with a company, Dietmar was always available for questions and we are still in very good contact. A great mentor! Anyone who wants to pursue a career in business aviation is in the right place with Dietmar Duller. No doubt, simply the best!

Raymond Otto, Former commercial cabin crew who transitioned successfully to VIP Flight Attendant, Vienna, Austria


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