Alexandra Froment

My experience with Dietmar Duller and his Training Solutions VIP cabin attendant program was absolutely fantastic. Having been a flight attendant for the past 5 years, I really wanted to learn something new and be able to find an opportunity in private aviation. The two days’ training was really interesting and it taught me everything I wanted to know. Everything is covered from aircraft to passengers, to food safety and more. It is a very interactive and friendly training course and we all participated and learned from each other as well. It really motivated me in my decision. Dietmar helped us a lot and at the end of the training he helped all of us redoing our CV so that it could be more appropriate for business aviation companies. He is really supportive and always here for all of us. He stayed in touch with all of us to guide us and help us with our job researches. He helped me when I was applying for all these companies all over Europe and pushed me to never give up, and finally I got my first job in private aviation. Without Dietmar and his training I would have never been able to find my dream job. Thank you so much Dietmar for everything you did for me and for all of us.

Former Emirates cabin crew from France who transitioned successfully and works for as a VIP cabin attendant for a European business aviation company, September 2017Alexandra Froment

From commercial to VIP cabin crew started in 2017 as Training Solutions celebrated 10 years VIP flight attendant training & recruitment.