Fatiha Ouchan

Dietmar’s training has helped me in so many ways to make the transition from being commercial cabin crew to become a VIP flight attendant. His knowledge and skills about the industry are far beyond my expectations. His training is very efficient, relevant and covers all the major and minor topics from the written theory to the practicals such as silver service and professional wine tasting, and gives helpful scenarios which I still refer back to, to this day. He provides excellent course material which I also still use today as a helpful guideline. Almost every flight I do, I somehow remember something that Dietmar mentioned in his training or his writings. One of the most important things that he covers, is how to write your CV. This was an eye opener for me and there is nothing comparable to be found online. I was using a CV which would never gain a positive application. The importance of a great CV is highly valued in this industry and so, step by step Dietmar takes you through the process of writing a good individual CV which stands out from the rest. He regularly keeps in touch with you till you have the appropriate CV ready and even after that he still maintains contact. He is very passionate about his job and gives you genuine advice, he’s a great coach and guides you throughout the whole recruiting process. He is also genuinely interested in knowing how you progress with your applications and his expertise helps you in making a wise decision. In addition to that, he is very approachable anytime you have any questions or concerns, he will always respond immediately and takes the time to talk with you personally in a very pleasant way. He always takes your thoughts and life situation seriously. This is something I greatly appreciate as it shows how genuinely concerned he is with you and your wellbeing. I’m honestly very grateful to have taken his course and I am even considering retaking the same at some point in the near future because it would be a great refresher for me, as this industry evolves continuously and you never stop learning. He also acts as a recruiter, so he could match your profile with certain clients’ requests. I had some negative experience with others who act as VIP recruiters or trainers. Most of them never get back to you and they just give you a very basic ‘training’ which is not useful at all and doesn’t even cover half of Dietmar’s topics. I literally jumped into this industry after Dietmar’s detailed course and I am ever grateful for that. I would highly recommend the same for anyone out there who is interested in entering this industry. Reaching out to Dietmar will refresh your mind positively and give you a big jump forward which is definitely worth it.

Ex-Etihad flight attendant from Belgium who works as a for a business aviation company in Europe on different private jets as a VIP cabin crew and succeeded in transitioning, June 2018 Fatiha Ouchan

From commercial to VIP cabin crew started in 2017 as Training Solutions celebrated 10 years VIP flight attendant training & recruitment.