Agathe Debuire

I would like to thank Dietmar Duller for his professionalism and valuable help and I recommend his cabin attendant training course to future private jet flight attendants, as it has been crucial in helping me to transition from commercial to private aviation. The training course has helped me to have a precise idea of the corporate flight attendant duties and responsibilities and the course is very complete, interactive and accurate. The idea of the course is learning by doing and practicing, interactive, sharing our different experiences with the other participating flight attendants and Dietmar will bases his examples on real scenarios. He will also provide you a book, to guide you through all the different topics needed in corporate aviation. He will make sure to give you all the tips and tricks, help you to select the best professional picture of yourself, and will guide you in writing an attractive CV in order to boost your chances to be selected in this competitive market. He is also a VIP cabin crew recruiter and has an important network and many connections. Dietmar is very professional, always well prepared, passionate, genuinely caring and remains available at all times after the training course. He will guide and support you from the beginning of the training until you find a job and you can always contact him easily by email of phone, he is truly approachable, available and efficient. He has been honest with me in giving me his opinion and he has been a mentor in my new career, a supporter and a real coach. He is sincerely the leader in the European VIP flight attendant training and recruitment field and I would highly recommend Dietmar to any commercial flight attendant who wants to jump from commercial to private aviation to attend his course. Thank you once again dear Dietmar, I am very grateful and the new adventure has started…

Former Etihad cabin crew who participated on our training course and works now as a VIP flight attendant for a client of Training Solutions in Europe, Agathe Debuire, France, September 2018 Julie Kibsgard

From commercial to VIP cabin crew started in 2017 as Training Solutions celebrated 10 years VIP flight attendant training & recruitment.