Sarah Sheridan

After attending Dietmar's course, I had a realistic expectation of what the role of a Corporate/VIP Flight Attendant required. Dietmar gave a great insight into the world of private aviation, including the highlights, potential challenges as well as owner/guest expectations. He delivered the course with the utmost professionalism, passion and regularly checked my understanding, always offering to explain any of the course material in more detail if required. Since attending the course, I am now a Corporate Flight Attendant for one of the most successful, leading European private jet operators. I am very grateful to Dietmar for the knowledge and expertise he shared on the course, in addition to his ongoing support with my transition from commercial to private aviation. Aside from the learning and course content, it's great fun! Dietmar is a wonderful host and made sure we were able to feel relaxed whilst learning about the exciting world of private aviation. I would highly recommend this as a course for aspiring Corporate/VIP Flight Attendants.

Former Virgin UK commercial cabin crew who flies on private jets now Sarah Sheridan

From commercial to VIP cabin crew started in 2017 as Training Solutions celebrated 10 years VIP flight attendant training & recruitment.