Innovative and interactive 3-day or 4-day vip flight attendant training- webinar.

Europes only recommended VIP flight attendant training organisation designed a innovative online course that will benefit commercial cabin crew and others, as it enables them to get first hand high quality Swiss education online. The 3-day 4-day online webinar focusses on all important aspects of private jet cabin crew and it provides a deeper understanding of the responsibilities, expectations and duties. Our aim is to provide the best possible E-learning experience for our participants and to coach and help them.

Covid-19 and all cleaning procedures are an integral part of the online cabin crew training course as this is the first priority for any private jet company as of Spring 2020. The private jet industry will benefit from Covid-19 due to the social distancing measures.

Who will the online VIP flight attendant training course be for:

The course will be beneficial for cabin crew members who wish to transition to work as cabin crew on private jets, as well as other individuals, as it provides them with a solid understanding of the private jet industry and it’s specifics. Since 2007, Training Solutions has welcomed more than 50 private jet operators as clients and therefore gained an international reputation for its private jet flight attendant training courses.

What does the 3-day or 4-day online VIP flight attendant training- webinar offer:

Day 1

Corporate aviation introduction- private jet industry

  • Responsibilites of VIP cabin crew, client and company expectations
  • The business aviation industry and its specifics
  • Clients who fly on private jets and private jet types

VIP flight attendant types of contracts

  • Full-time contracts versus off- shore contracts and freelance working contracts
  • Private jet cabin crew salaries around the world
  • Medical insurances, taxes, social securities and retirement

Covid-19 and the importance of cleanliness on any private jet

  • Covid-19, protecting private jet clients
  • Cleaning procedures for Covid-19 using approved aircraft manufacturers’ cleaning products.
  • Maintaining the value of the asset- private jet

Cultural differences and client expectations

  • Client expectations and how to exceed them
  • Grooming guidelines
  • Cultural differences and private jet etiquette

Day 2

Business aviation catering

  • Business aviation catering procedures
  • Business aviation catering budgets for private owners and charter clients
  • Contemporary menus including the latest business aviation culinary trends 

Standard operating procedures

  • Preparing the aircraft before the flight
  • In-flight standard operating procedures
  • Pre-flight operating procedures

In-flight silver service

  • Silver service for European, Middle East, Asian, African, Russian and American clients
  • Precise table setting techniques
  • Serving luxury food items: Caviar, Balik Salmon and Foie Gras

Wine and beverage

  • Wine and food matching
  • Implications of premium Champagnes and wines served at high altitude
  • Premium beverage service

Day 3

Corporate identity, confidentiality and discrection

  • Corporate identity and its meaning for private jet cabin crew
  • Confidentiality and NDA
  • Protecting your clients and their privacy

Children, pets and the latest trends in the private aviation sector

  • Children and their requirements
  • Pets on private jets and what has to be considered
  • Latest business aviation trends

CV workshop for private jet cabin crew

  • CURRICULUM VITAE writing guidelines for a VIP flight attendant specific CV
  • Structure of a private jet cabin crew specific CV
  • Your digital CV

VIP flight attendant interviews

  • How to prepare yourself for a private jet cabin crew interview
  • Questions being asked by human resource departments and the cabin crew managers
  • Private jet interview procedures

Day 4

Contemporary private jet cabin presentations

  • Welcome tables and the first impression
  • Contemporary private jet cabin presentations
  • Creating a cutomer focused environment

Religious related foods and considerations for Middle Eastern clients

  • Introduction to Kosher meals and all of their specifics
  • Halal and all of its considerations
  • Middle Eastern clients, their culture and preferences

Wine basics and Champagne 

  • Understanding the basics of wine
  • Tasting wine and identifying key points on a wine label
  • Champagne and its diversity

Introduction to white Burgundy and red Bordeaux wines

  • White Burgundy wines and why they are so popular on private jets
  • Introduction to the red wines of Bordeaux
  • Altitude and the impact it has on the taste of wines


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Webinar training dates 2021

January 4-6/7 19-21/22
February 1-3/4 16-18|19
March 8-10/11 23-25/26
April 5-7/8 20-22/23
May 3-5/6 20-22/23
June 1-3/4 22-24/25
July 5-7/8 20-22/23
August 2-4/5 17-19/20
September 6-8/9 21-23/24
October 4-6/7 19-21/22
November 1-3/4 16-18/19
December 1-3/4 14-16/17


What will our training participants get:

Different individual and team work exercises before, during and after the webinar to keep them involved at all times. Our 100+ page VIP cabin crew training manual which is constantly updated towards the latest business aviation industry trends. Recognised training certificates (Training Solutions has more than 50 business aviation companies as clients and is Europe’s only training provider which is recommended by several leading private jet companies since 2009).

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Your instructor: Dietmar Duller, Founder & Course Leader of Training Solutions

Since 2007 Dietmar Duller has conducted over 225 VIP flight attendant training courses on which over 1450 cabin crew and other individuals from 75 countries have participated. Training Solutions is Europe’s only VIP flight attendant training and recruitment company. We believe that you only can best help your training participants if you also recruit for business aviation companies and having many connections in the private jet industry is essential. We provide our training participants with confidence and coaching and guidance, with follow-up support provided once the courses are over.

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COVID-19: Since May 2020, our online VIP flight attendant training courses include all the necessary cleaning and disinfecting procedures and recommendations in regards to COVID-19. Covid-19- Coronavirus cleaning procedures and products which Training Solutions recommends are approved by leading private jet operators as well as private jet manufacturers.

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