VIP Flight Attendant
Training & Recruitment SINCE 2007

Training Solutions trains 1000th VIP flight attendant

Training the 1000th VIP flight attendants makes me very proud.

As it marks another milestone in the success of Training Solutions, says Dietmar Duller, the Founder & Course Leader of Training Solutions. Since 2007, VIP flight attendants of over 60 Nationalities from Europe, Eastern Europe, Russia, the Middle East, North and Central Africa and several Asian countries have participated. My advertising is through word of mouth, with the VIP flight attendants who have participated on my training course telling their friends about the course, which is the best marketing any company can ask for. This clearly makes me very proud and our success bears witness that our training course for flight attendants working on private jets has become an integral training part for many business aviation companies in Europe, the Middle East, Russia , Africa and Asia.