VIP Flight Attendant
Training & Recruitment SINCE 2007

Excellent cabin service on private jets

Excellent cabin service on private jets requires attention

to every small detail, focus on the safety and well being of the client and creating a home away from home atmosphere: says Dietmar Duller, the Founder & Course Leader of Swiss based VIP cabin crew training specialist Training Solutions. Cabin crew working on private jets have the most direct customer contact and are ambassadors for their companies, representing them in the best way possible. Their soft skills, intuition, knowledge of cultural differences, emotional intelligence, immaculate presentation and customer service will be recognized by their well-travelled clients who have very high demands. A solid knowledge of silver service techniques combined with modern plate presentation skills and matching gourmet food with the corresponding Champagnes, wines and premium spirits is required in order to impress their clients.. Passion for their work, dedication and the aim to exceed customer expectations should be the goal on every flight.