VIP Flight Attendant
Training & Recruitment SINCE 2007

From commercial to VIP cabin crew

Guiding, helping, being a mentor...

And watching commercial flight attendants succeeding and achieving their goal in becoming a VIP cabin crew on private jets is very gratifying and makes me proud. Since 2007, we have helped many commercial cabin crew members to succeed in their career path and to make their dreams come true. Persistence, flexibility, maybe the willingness to relocate, the right attitude and sometimes a bit of luck clearly helps and fluency in common languages are also an advantage. During our VIP cabin crew training course commercial flight attendants learn, all of the specifics of this industry, such as how to order catering and to create a menu for multinational clients, as well as many tips and tricks of the industry which clearly help them afterwards, both when they apply and in their first and ongoing jobs. We look forward to welcoming many more commercial flight attendants in the future and to helping them to succeed in their career.