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Private jet cabin crew training

101st testimonial

Receiving the 101st testimonial from a cabin crew member who participated on our VIP flight attendant training course in customer service excellence makes us proud, as it clearly indicates that our training courses, which have run successfully since 2007, provide knowledge, skills, answer everyone’s questions and provide confidence. Working as VIP cabin crew can have many positive challenges and it has always been our aim to help, guide, advice and mentor our training participants as much as possible. In this case, it was a commercial flight attendant who worked for a well-known Middle East company and who was able to get a job to working as a private jet flight attendant for a known European business aviation company. Testimonials are a statement on how our training participants feel about the VIP cabin crew training course and they especially appreciate that we keep in touch once the training courses are finished, that we help them with their professional Curriculum Vitae and that we advise them afterwards on the steps that they should follow. We keep in touch with them in good and in bad times, and the fact that we welcomed over 1300 cabin crew, is our best testimonial.