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Wine on private jets


Private jet owners, frequently enjoy a very nice bottle of wine on their flights, so knowing how to store, open and serve what are sometimes expensive, premium champagnes and wines is essential for all flight attendants who work on business jets.

There are many implications that need to be considered when serving wines at a high altitude on private jets including the constant change of temperature, the altitude and the effect of cabin pressure.

Many private jets constantly carry a choice of two different champagnes, two different white and red wines on board and enjoying a good glass of champagne or wine with high quality cuisine is both common and appreciated.

During our VIP flight attendant training courses, we explain the importance of how to store wine on private jets, when to take them off the aircrafts due to regulations or weather circumstances, how to serve and decant them and which types of wines are commonly served. Our goal is to provide our training participants with confidence and this is especially important as wine knowledge cannot be gained in a short period of time.