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4th German business aviation client trusts Training Solutions


4th German business aviation client trusts Training Solutions in educating their private jet cabin crew- June 2019.

Another German business aviation company has chosen Training Solutions as their training provider in customer service excellence for their private jet cabin crew, inspired by the reports and recommendations for the other German aviation companies who use our services. Training Solutions has conducted eleven in-house training courses for VIP cabin crew in Germany for four, business aviation operators since it started in 2007. These companies recognise that clients who fly on private jets expect consistency and a very high standard. Guiding and showing the cabin crew and providing them with examples of exceptional customer service is really appreciated and it shows them what the best companies in the private jet industry provide. Implementing standard operating procedures across the fleet of private jets and maintaining the same high levels of customer service on each and every flight is the goal and ultimately we want to exceed customer expectations.