VIP Flight Attendant
Training & Recruitment SINCE 2007

Private jet cabin crew recruitment since 2007


The recruitment of flight attendants for private jet operators...

was a natural progress as we have trained many future and existing private jet cabin crew. At one stage, we were being asked if we had training participants which fulfilled the profile of one of our clients, so in 2007 Training Solutions has started to recruiting cabin crew for private jets and has been successfully in doing so since then. Twelve years later, in 2019 we have established a reputation in the business aviation industry amongst private jet operators of all sizes for finding the right VIP cabin crew for private jets in Europe, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Africa and even Asia. Having an extensive network with many personal relationships built up over a decade clearly helps us in this respect, and Dietmar Duller is in constant contact with many private jet operators around the globe. Our clients use us as we take pride in our work and provide them with a very personal service, which includes that we are always available for them. In December 2018, we got a request on Christmas day and within a week we were able to forward a selection of suitable private jet cabin crew, and a week later the chosen cabin crew where on the way to the US to do test flights and finally signed contracts with the private operation shortly afterwards.