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FAKE private jet cabin crew job offers are circulating


Fake private jet cabin crew and even first officer and pilot job offers started sometime in 2017 in Europe and by the end of 2019 they have also moved on to the Middle East. The criminals behind them always use the same strategy by contacting crew members, especially cabin crew members and asking them for their nationality, salary expectations and when they are available. The criminals are using the logos of existing business aviation companies and names of people who work for these companies as a chief pilot, training manager or in human resources.

They claim that their company is expanding and they therefore need new crew members to help with their expansion. They are also offering a two year working contract or similar, with unrealistic salaries and bonuses at the end of the year which nobody offers. Once you proceed they will tell you that, irrespective of your experience, you are required to undergo a training course which is self-sponsored in order to get the promised private jet job. Once the money is paid you clearly never hear from them again, as there is no existing job offer and you will never see your money again. As a result, many business aviation companies have warning signs on their websites in order to limit the damage this is doing to them. The normal procedure for any business aviation company is that first you apply, second you have a phone interview, third a face-to-face meeting usually at their headquarters, last is often a test flight with the owner of the private jet.

Dietmar Duller, the founder of Swiss VIP flight attendant training company Training Solutions is specialised in headhunting cabin crew for private jets since 2007 and he has already send a message to the members of its database in the summer of 2019. As s these fake job offers are still circulating, we hope that with this message we will reach more people and provide awareness.

Please be careful and vigilant.