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Covid-19: Private jet cleaning- cabin crew


The Coronavirus, Covid-19 is something that the private jet industy takes very seriously and cleaning and disinfecting any private jet is now the utmost priority. Digital thermometers that measure the body temperatuere are also becoming standard cabin items on private jets and all measurements to protect the private jet clients are taken.

This also counts for all crew members and their health status which is now being monitored more carefully and crew members with any signs should isolate themselves immediately and contact their health service. Some companies have started to advise their crew to change their uniforms onboard the business aircraft as they want to avoid any unnessary contact. FBO’s and catering providers are asked to take similar measures to ensure that any box with food itmes, beverages, suitcases and objects that enters the aircrafts are disinfected.

Special approved cleaning products for the private jet industry are already used and they provide successful continous disinfection and destroy all bacteria, fungus and viruses. Cleaning a business aviation aircraft has always been very important to both owners and charter companies, and with Covid-19 it has become the number one priority. Depending on the type and size of aircraft many private jet companies assume that an additonal one to two- hours will be required for the disinfection of the private jet when done by the cabin crew. The safety and well beeing of any client travelling on private jets has and will always be the hightest priority and therefore any measurment will be taken to guarantee this.