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Online VIP cabin crew training- A First for Europe


Swiss based Training Solutions is offering Europe’s first online VIP cabin crew training course. We are thrilled and have worked hard for several weeks to prepare for the first online VIP cabin crew training course plus the feedback we received from our existing training participants about this new venture is very positive. Being an innovative company who always looks for options and listens to our training participants and their requirements has convinced us that this is another helpful tool for future private jet cabin crew, especially in times of Covid-19. This online VIP cabin crew training course will enable crew, other individuals and existing private jet cabin crew to have access to high quality Swiss online education.

Switzerland is the birthplace of hospitality education and we are very excited to offer our online training course to worldwide customers. Covid-19 and all cleaning requirements which need to be considered will be part of our online training courses as this is now a standard in the private jet industry and anybody who wishes to enter this industry should have a good knowledge about it. All online training courses will be conducted by Dietmar Duller, the Founder and Course Leader of Training Solutions who has conducted more than 200 VIP flight attendant training courses since 2007.

The fact that we are Europe’s only VIP cabin crew training and recruitment company is another big benefit as we are not only able to do the training but also to help our training participants afterwards, once the training is over and when they need support, help and guidance. This has been our philosophy since day one in 2007 and we are proud to have made bespoke in-house training course for many of our 50 business aviation clients who have entrusted us in educating their cabin crew.