VIP Flight Attendant
Training & Recruitment SINCE 2007

Online corporate flight attendant training very successful


Our first online VIP flight attendant training courses/webinars, welcomed cabin crew from the Middle East and several European countries and we are receiving great feedback for the innovative approach, the structure, the practical elements, the execution of the online course and the high quality of Swiss online education. Several of our participating flight attendants were not able to travel to Switzerland for various reasons therefore the online option suits their needs and provides them with the best possible solution.

The fact that the online corporate flight attendant training webinar has been designed in collaboration with an international group of more than 10 private jet cabin crew who work for private owners, head of states, charter companies and stock exchange listed companies who operate private jets, ensures that all of the really important aspects are covered.

This group of 10 consists of business aviation cabin crew managers, private jet cabin crew who have worked for private owners for more than 10 years, cabin crew who work for presidential flight departments and chief flight attendants who work for business aviation charter companies. It makes me very proud to see that the several weeks of hard work and endless hours which have been put into this innovative and interactive online training courses has started to pay off right from the beginning, says Dietmar Duller, the Founder & Course Leader of Swiss based Training Solutions. Having conducted over 200 training courses for existing and future private jet cabin crew, and having over 50 private jet companies as clients who trust us to educate their existing and new private jet cabin crew is clearly a big advantage.