VIP Flight Attendant
Training & Recruitment SINCE 2007

VIP flight attendant training starts again in Geneva as of June 2020


Covid-19 has changed the world and as a result, we had to postpone our monthly VIP flight attendant training course that had run successfully in Geneva since 2007. The March, April and May training courses had to be postponed and we were therefore very happy when we started again on June 20th-21st in Geneva.

All of our flight attendant training participants that had booked for March where happy with the solution that we offered to them and all of them wanted to participate on a later date in 2020. For the June VIP flight attendant training course, we welcomed First Class cabin crew members from Emirates Airlines, former Business Class cabin crew members from Etihad and European flight attendants. What has clearly changed is that Covid-19 is now the most important topic in the business aviation industry as all clients who travel on private jets want a safe environment.

Covid-19 and how it impacts the cabin crew who are working or going to work on private jets in covered in detail and this includes the welcome, how to greet the client, the social distancing, how food and beverage services are now conducted and last but not least the cleaning and disinfecting, which is clearly the most important change that everybody pays significant attention to. All changes in regards to Covid-19 are included in writing on the handout documents, as we want all of our training participant to be ready for the new reality in business aviation.