VIP Flight Attendant
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Online VIP flight attendant training- alternative for cabin crew with travel restrictions


Several commercial flight attendants have contacted us and told us that Covid-19 is restricting them from travelling to Europe and they are afraid that they have to go into quarantine once they return back home again. Our innovative and interactive online VIP flight attendant training courses are therefore a very good solution for them as they are able to get high quality Swiss online education delivered to their living room so to speak.

The list of countries that have travel restrictions is often changing and therefore nobody can have a clear vision which country will be next affected. In July of 2020 Sweden, Russia, Ukraine and Serbia are amongst the European countries for which travel restrictions into Switzerland apply.

Covid-19 infections rise in certain countries much more than they should and going into quarantine for 10 days or more is also not an option for many. We have already welcomed many cabin crew members who are based in the United Arab Emirates and for them it was a very good alternative.

Amongst them we had flight attendants who are African and are based in the United Arab Emirates and for them it meant a lot to be able to stay there whilst getting training. We strongly believe that the online VIP flight attendant training will be a very good option to get high-class, innovative and interactive Swiss education online and we look forward to welcoming many more in the near future.