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Private jet cabin crew recruitment starts again after Covid-19


We are happy that we can start the private jet cabin crew recruitment again after Covid-19. This is the last final part of all our VIP flight attendant training and recruitment services and it is a sign that we are back, delievering all the services that we have provided to the cabin crew community around the world since 2007.

It is also a very good sign to see that business aviation companies are hiring again as some of them had a recruitment stop for cabin crew resulting from private jet owners not being able to travel to favourite destinations like the Seychelles, Maldives and many others. Our first recruitment since lockdown was a private jet cabin crew recruitment for an established private jet company who is one of our many clients in the corporate aviation industry.

Private jet companies have contacted us for many years when they need new flight attendants for their corporate jets as they value our discretion and professionalism in regards to the recruitment process. As we have been very successful in finding the best cabin crew for their private jets, they often come back to us as it helps them to be productive and efficient at the same time. We look forward to recruiting many more flight attendants for our clients and we predict that the private jet industry will come out of Covid-19 very strong and many more flight attendants will find jobs on private jets in the future.