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Online VIP cabin crew training dates 2021


Our online VIP cabin crew training dates for 2021 are now finalized and we are proud to offer all of our future training participants in 2021 a three-day and a four-day online VIP cabin crew training course.

As we always listen to our training participants and their valued feedback, we have added a fourth day as this was their main request.

A total of 24 online private jet flight attendant training courses are offered in 2021, with Training Solutions providing two courses per month throughout the year. With the current situation, our online VIP cabin crew training courses are a very good alternative for flight attendants who wish to educate themselves, gain knowledge and skills and still be safe in their home environment.

All of our online courses are constantly evaluated and updated towards the latest Covid-19 changes and trends in the business aviation industry.

Having the first flight attendants who participated on the online training already working as private jet cabin crew for leading European and Middle East business aviation companies, only encourages us that we are offering valuable services to the business aviation industry.