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Helping commercial cabin crew who are suspicious of fake private jet job offers


Since 2017, we have helped commercial cabin crew to avoid fake private jet job offers. Since then, we have been contacted by numerous flight attendants from many parts of the world about this and as we have seen many of this fake job offers they are now very easy for us to identify. We are happy that the commercial aviation community has trust in us, as more experienced private jet cabin crew quickly recognize if a job offer is real or not due to the conditions being offered.

Fake job offers range from the Middle East to all over Europe, and the criminals behind it always use the same tactics, changing very little in how they approach potential victims. Since 2017, we have also helped many private jet operators who we know and to whom we are connected to as this is clearly causing damage to any private jet operator. We even advise private jet operators to install a warning message on their home page so that it is visible right away as this is what some of the big private jet operators in the industry have started to do. Thanks to our efforts and knowledge many commercial cabin crew were not victims of criminals and we were able to help them.