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Follow up after recruiting flight attendants for my private jet operators


Recruiting a flight attendant for a business aviation company is one thing, keeping in touch with them long after they have been recruited and checking on them from time to time is what we at Training Solutions do. This week we had three such phone calls to catch up on flight attendants who have been recruited by us over the last 12 months. One of them started to work for a private jet company in the Middle East, another flight attendant has already worked for some time for one of our many European private jet operators and the third attendant started to work for a new client of ours in Africa.

All of our flight attendants who we have recruited really appreciate this extra service as they feel that there is somebody who cares and does not only want to earn the money for its services. It is also of interest from our side to hear how the company for which we have recruited is investing time and effort to make the newcomers welcome and to integrate them and make them feel that they are an important part of their business aviation family.