VIP Flight Attendant
Training & Recruitment SINCE 2007

Corporate flight attendant training in Warsaw- Poland


Conducting the first private jet cabin crew training in Warsaw, in Poland, which took place on October the 13-14, has been another great experience and training in customer service excellence.

This client of ours was our first online training company client, so when the Covid-19 restrictions were eased, they invited me to come to Warsaw and to conduct a tailor made, private jet cabin crew training course there for them at their own facilities.

Since 2007, Dietmar Duller has conducted training courses for private jet companies at their locations, in Europe alone we have already conducted such courses in Finland, Denmark, the United Kingdom, Germany, Luxembourg, France, Switzerland, Austria, Greece and now Poland, making this the 10th country in Europe where we conduct such courses. It has been another fantastic experience with a great group of people who have extended Polish hospitality to me and I am looking forward to returning to Poland again in the future.