VIP Flight Attendant
Training & Recruitment SINCE 2007

VIP Flight attendant training dates 2022


In 2022 Training Solutions is continuing to offer monthly training courses in Geneva for the 12th consecutive year.

As for the last 12 years the training courses take place close to Geneva airport and all regulations and guidelines in regards to Covid-19 are taken into consideration. The business aviation sector is experiencing a boom at the moment and we do believe that with the ongoing Covid-19 situations and all of its constant changes that this trend will continue for many more years to come.

Our training courses are always updated towards the latest changes and developments, and this way we ensure that we provide the most current information available at any time to our training participants. One of the very big benefits of being based in Switzerland is clearly that Switzerland is the home to more big business aviation companies than any other country in Europe.

Swiss hospitality education is also known worldwide for its high quality and we are proud to provide specialist education for future and existing corporate flight attendants out of Switzerland.