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Wine training for private jet cabin crew in Geneva


In April 2022, we conducted the first wine training for private jet cabin crew in Geneva. An existing experienced private jet cabin crewmember who has been on several other training courses wanted to strengthen her knowledge about wine. As she is a beginner, she asked me to help her to both understand the wine better and to gain confidence when it comes to buying, presenting, opening and serving wines on corporate jets.

The training was specially made to her wishes and it was an combination of online learning followed by a day of practical wine experience in Geneva.

In order to help her to understand the range of wines, we tasted 10 different wines starting with Champagne, followed by a variety of white wine and then followed by classic Italian, Spanish and French wines, including Bordeaux, before we finished off with a sweet Sauternes. We then spoke and experienced the importance of different glassware by tasting the same wine out of different shaped wine glasses. Another big part was as well the introduction to tasting and describing wines, and it terminologies.

She and her husband, who accompanied her, where guided step-by-step to understand and to learn how to describe Champagne, French and Italian white wines and Spanish, Italian and French red wines. Matching food and wines was also included in the course, therefore they had to taste 10 different types of gourmet food items from goose liver, to salmon, goat cheese, steak and dark bitter chocolate amongst many others and to witness first-hand what works and what does not work when it comes to matching premium wines with gourmet food items.