VIP Flight Attendant
Training & Recruitment SINCE 2007

From private yacht stewardess to private jet cabin crew


Working on private yachts as a stewardess, serving the clients gourmet meals with premium wines and Champagnes, and working on a private jet as a cabin crew, have many similarities as the clients are similar.

We have welcomed several crew members who have been working on private yachts to our VIP flight attendant training courses and who are now working on private jets as flight attendants, all of whom are very happy that they have made the change.

The reason are many and some of the main motivations to make this change are: Being able to have a “real” live, where you have your own apartment and not sharing a room with somebody else as this is always the case onboard a private yacht. Having privacy and space for yourself within your own environment and working rosters that enables you to plan ahead and to have time to relax on your days off.

European Union, British and Swiss working contracts instead of the off-shore contracts that are very common working contracts on private yachts and last but not least the possibility to work for a company for many years and to be able to have a normal working live balance. Knowing quite a few private jet cabin crew who have worked for the same owner for more than 10 years is clearly an indication that this is a opportunity to do what you love for many years to come.

We look forward to welcome many more private yacht cabin crew in the future who are looking for a change in their working life which is also very much affecting their personal life and ultimately their happiness.