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Catering training for private jet cabin crew


Catering and shopping for a private jet is not always easy as private jets reach three times more airports in Europe alone than commercial aircrafts due to the short runway they need for take-off and landing. This means that private jets reach many more destinations around the globe and also that they can fly to many destinations where commercial aircraft would never go to.

The catering or shopping for such airports still needs to be provided and this is always the responsibility of the cabin crew, who often has to think out of the box and show initiative when it comes to searching for gourmet food items, wines and beverages as well as newspapers, magazines, flowers and chocolates.

Whenever we conduct an inflight service training for one of our many business aviation clients and their existing cabin crew, the topic of catering and the best practices of the cabin crew comes up.

Feedback from our side is provided in regards to corporate aviation companies and their standards for catering budgets, the gourmet and healthy menu items and the latest food and wine trends. This time we are conducting a special catering training for one of our existing training participants, an experienced private jet cabin crew and we look forward to share our knowledge, experience and creativity when it comes to catering for private jets and shopping guidelines.