VIP Flight Attendant
Training & Recruitment SINCE 2007

275th VIP flight attendant training


On October 15th- 16th 2022 we conducted our 275th VIP flight attendant training course, this time a training course in Geneva. For this course we welcomed male and female cabin crew from Portugal, France, the Middle East and from the United Kingdom.

Our training participants had a commercial aviation background and one of them has already been flying on private jets. Providing confidence to our training participants, helping ang guiding them and answering all of their questions plus giving them skills and knowledge is what we have done at every single private jet cabin crew training since 2007.

We do take the trust of all of our training participants very seriously and it makes us proud to say that many of our clients come to us by word of mouth. Every single training course encourages us to do better, and we continuously adapt to the new situations and changes within the business aviation industry.