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VIP flight attendant testimonials

The many testimonials I have received from VIP flight attendants, express how they feel about my customer service excellence training course. I am proud to have welcomed over 1000 corporate flight attendants to my training courses since 2007. As each training course allows the participants to share experiences while learning, this also enables me to learn from them.

I am also honoured that chief flight attendants and management members of business aviation companies have shared their feedback.


Read here Testimonials from commercial flight attendants who transitioned successfully to work as VIP cabin crew on private jets.



Dietmar is a fantastic teacher. From the moment you book the course, he is there to help. I learned a lot about the industry and gained confidence in my skills. His expertise is unparalleled. Thank you Dietmar for a very pleasant and informative training.

Brittany Clarke

Professionalism, knowledge and charisma, these are the first 3 characteristics when I think about Mr. Duller. No fake illusions during his course, just a lot of information to feel more secure when it comes to a private jet interview. His course is the key to executive aviation, but the secret behind his name is the follow-up. He has guided me with the perfect CV and after my first interview the number one person I wanted to contact to tell my feelings was him!

Francesca Rota

First of all, I would like to thank Dietmar for a professional training that highlighted various topics regarding corporate aviation. The two-days of education was inspiring and motivating with many useful examples from real life situations in the industry. I believe everyone interested in any aspect of the industry should attend the training to learn some new skills and to get more self- confidence. Cultural differences, various food items and wine pairing are lifelong knowledge that enriches everyone's corporate jet career and improves social skills. Time management and attention to details are also important topics candidates can find useful in everyday business life regardless of their working title or position.

Anna Petrilin

I am pleased to have taken part in the VIP Flight attendant training course in Geneve, Switzerland, with Dietmar Duller, founder and Course leader of Training Solutions. Training helped me to better understand the topics about the customer service excellence & soft skills in the luxury aviation industry. Dietmar is always willing to help in a very professional way to make you improve your knowledge and personal skills and hop to adapt yourself to the current market. Highly recommended to those who are hungry for new ways of working for the top aviation companies. Danke , Merci , Gracias !

Elisabet Vega

Thank you so much for my VIP flight attendant training! I’ve learned so much during the two days and had an amazing time with my experienced colleague. I’m sure I will apply all the skills gained in my future job. My favourite part was you teaching us how to serve at the table, make a menu, and also sample and serve the drinks. Thank you so much for this great experience, it was a pleasure to meet you and make a first step to my big dream!

Yuliia Batalina

I attended Mr. Dietmar’s Corporate Flight Attendant training last month in Geneva after doing a very detailed research about courses in general. I found it very helpful and interesting because Mr. Dietmar was very committed to share his vast knowledge about the industry and its pros and cons. I would recommend it to everyone who has interest in business aviation.

Ana Marija Sertic

I have had the opportunity to participate in the four days online training with Mr. Dietmar. I was so satisfied what I learned, that I asked him to come to the practical training in Geneva. I already have experience on the business aviation but I always wanted to do the proper VIP flight attendant training by Mr. Dietmar. I feel so happy and confident after my practical training and I want thank Mr. Duller for the way he explained everything to me.”

Lilien Mejias Hernández

I would like to thank Mr. Duller for his professionalism and dynamism throughout the training. His training is very complete and diversified, which allowed me to have a great understanding of the job and learn all about the business aviation industry and the owners’ profils. On the other hand, I really enjoyed the "Customer Service Excellence" part, which includes some practical exercises on the art of setting the table and being able to offer a 5 star luxury service. This training is definitely necessary to start in this industry. I highly recommend it for anyone. Thank you again for all the tips, documentations and certificat received at the end.

Ludovic Ciambriello

In my opinion, Mr. Duller’s training course will be educational for really everyone. I participated in the course because I want to transfer from commercial flight attendant to corporate and I had no idea of the tasks involved in business aviation. During the training I’ve learned a lot and so many topics were covered, including the changes in the industry due to Covid-19. The training is hands on, so you get to practice things such as table settings and there is enough chance for you to ask questions and discuss things. Mr. Duller is a very professional, reliable and kind gentleman from whom you can tell has a lot of experience and really knows what he is doing and teaches. Also after the training Mr. Duller has stayed available via e-mail and phone calls to discuss my CV and give me helpful feedback. The training course has exceeded my expectations and I would recommend it to anyone who’s looking to become a corporate flight attendant or as a fresh up.

Nikki Mulder

I highly recommend the VIP Flight Attendant Training course conducted by Dietmar Duller. The course is well organized, with a mixture of valuable information, new skills practice and experience sharing. Dietmar, as an expert in Business Aviation, is truly involved in his job, passionate and detail-oriented. He genuinely cares for the participants and wants them to succeed as Corporate Flight Attendants. Thank you Dietmar

Justyna Chrzastek

I attended the VIP Flight Attendant Course led by Mr. Dietmar Duller in Geneva, and I can definitely recommend it. After being a flight attendant for commercial airlines, I had many questions about my transition process and the differences between commercial and corporate aviation, and Mr. Duller was the person who cleared all of them up. The whole training covered the business aviation know-how, latest trends including Covid-19 and how it impacts the private jet industry in all aspects, regulations, service and communication. There was always a space for attendees to ask questions, and the course was held in very professional and respectful manner. The handouts prepared by Mr. Duller and given to each attendee during the course are a real repository of knowledge for all VIP Flight Attendants. What was also very important for me, was Mr. Duller offering his time and advices even after the course – I believe his engagement and support will be of great help especially for those who wish to transfer from commercial to corporate aviation. With all his knowledge, compassion, and professionalism, Mr. Duller definitely gives the best support and is a real mentor for aspiring VIP Flight Attendants.

Julia Dudek

I have been flight attendant in commercial aviation for 4 years and I have decided to move into corporate aviation. Mr Dietmar was very professional and helpful from the very beginning, since the first contact we had. I attended the VIP Flight Attendant course in Geneva in July 2020. The course was very useful, informative, interesting with lots of practical exercises and it covered all main topics of the corporate aviation industry including all changes in regards to Covid-19. After the course, you are still in touch, for every question you may have or any suggestion you may need, he is always available to answer and help. I highly recommend Mr Dietmar and his course to start into the world of corporate aviation. Thank You!

Claudia Guida

I would recommend Dietmar Duller’s VIP Cabin Attendant Training to anyone who is looking for an insightful perspective and know how on private aviation etiquette and protocol. The training is very well structured and provides detail-oriented knowledge and first-hand training of silver service, various and multiple cultural differences and preferences and a full overview of what is expected and what to expect in private aviation. Everything delivered in a friendly, yet very professional atmosphere. Dietmar is very helpful and always available for clarification, support and coaching even after the training is completed. He follows up on updates and new job opportunities. His genuine passion and care for his job transfer in the best possible way by being very thorough and provides the best resources possible in order to succeed as a corporate flight attendant.

Cinizia Laura Chiocarello

The VIP cabin attendant training with Dietmar gave me a clear view of the private aviation in Europe. I highly recommend it for crew that want to go from commercial to private aviation, and also for those who are willing to work in Europe. Dietmar conducts the training in such a practical and professional manner that it will be valuable for any crew looking for an improvement in their career.

Lucia Rodriguez Moreno

Training Solutions offers a powerful array of tools that every potential and/or existing VIP Cabin Crew must have. Dietmar Duller is approachable and passionate about his work within the corporate aviation community. His vibrant personality and outstanding organization skills are just two reasons why Training Solutions is such an obvious choice! Thank you again for sharing your extensive knowledge with us and making the training a successful one.”

Jorge Luis Santovenia

I recently attended a VIP flight attendant training In Geneva, with Training Solutions, course founder Dietmar Duller. I would like to share my pleasant experience about the training and the trainer. The trainer is highly professional with rich skills, very approachable & possesses VIP knowledge. The training was a nice balance of theory and practice and it has really helped me to brush up my knowledge & skills and made me more competent in dealing with different scenarios. I highly recommend this training workshop to all experienced VIP/corporate flight attendants who wish to attend and expand their knowledge & skills. Thank you Dietmar for your wisdom, experience & personal presentation and for your valuable training. It has exceeded my expectations.

Shruti Dua

As a young VIP Flight Attendant in business aviation, I was expecting to achieve a training in order to help me in my career, and to gain confidence. Even if I had little knowledge of the sector, I knew that training was a necessary step. Thanks to my company, I followed Dietmar's training in Geneva: 2 days after I was back to the office full of energy, happy, and ready to fly anywhere at any moment. The training gave us strong knowledge and advice, mixing theory and practical. Dietmar is more than a professional trainer; he is also passionate." Thanks again for everything, you can't imagine how much stronger I feel now!

Clemence Hadour

I have been a commercial flight attendant for 7 years and I am in love with my job. I have decided to make a transition into corporate aviation and to work as a private jet cabin crew. After my first contact with Dietmar Duller, I decided to attend his courses. Thanks to his professionalism, vast knowledge and useful information he provided, I managed to fill all my gaps and boost my confidence. The course far exceeded my expectations since they have covered all of the demands of the corporate aviation industry and even though they have ended, I can still count on Dietmar to be a trusted and reliable resource. Furthermore, the fact that he is always willing to answer any queries and provide advice when needed, is quite remarkable. I would highly recommend Dietmar Duller as he is the right individual to introduce to anyone willing to enter the beautiful world of corporate aviation if they wish to work as cabin crew on private jets. Thank you!

Thekla Georgiou

On October 2019 I participated on the 205th VIP flight attendant training conducted by Training Solutions in Geneva, Switzerland. The course was very useful for my future professional goals. It was very informative and many different scenarios on-board a private jet have been covered. I also very much enjoyed the many practical exercises and it was great to have the experience with somebody like Dietmar Duller, the Course Leader and Founder of Training Solutions, who is the expert in the field of VIP cabin crew training courses. Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge with us!

Catia Almeida

I’ve been a VIP Flight Attendant for over 4 years. I attended to Mr. Dietmar Duller’s VIP Flight Attendant training in Geneva in October 2019. I got very important information and support for my work and his way of teaching and explaining is clear and encourages me to do my best. The over 100-page VIP cabin crew training documents are of high quality and well organized, which will clearly help me after the training to go through the different topics again. After the training I know what it means to be VIP Flight Attendant. I highly recommend his training to every commercial cabin crew who would like to work on private jets and to existing VIP Flight Attendants.

Sigrid Härkonen

Dietmar has a highly professional demeanour and was always very professional and friendly. He found me the perfect job as a VIP flight attendant to work on a private jet within a very short time period. He always ensured I was aware of new opportunities and pitched me perfectly to this client. I would highly recommend him to any commercial and existing VIP cabin crew who wants to work on private jets as cabin crew as he naturally rises to the occasion to help others. Thanks again for all of your precious help.

Virginie Salviati

I attended the VIP Training Course in order to widen my horizon and to improve my knowledge in the European business aviation industry and keep myself up to date. It truly met my expectations and it reinforced my professionalism. I would strongly recommend it. Thank you!"

Raúl Pérez

It is with great delighted that I would like to share my experience during VIP flight attendant training. I encountered a very well structured and interesting training course where even the smallest details were cared for. Valuable information was shared that was undoubtedly gathered throughout years of experience; questions were welcomed, there was a great focus on explaining and understanding the industry, all in a professional and welcoming environment. I can definitely recommend this course, as it has fulfilled all my expectations. Moreover, I want to highlight the facilitator, Dietmar Duller. He was at all times very communicative, even before and after the training and has a complete dedication to his job. It is clear to me why this VIP flight attendant training course in Geneva has helped so many people over the years.” Taking home the more than 100 page documents which have been acquired in over a decade on VIP cabin crew training is another big benefit

Carmen Lorenzo Suarez

I have been a commercial flight attendant for over 2 years. And after I started my career in aviation I fell in love with this job. I decided that my dream is to be a corporate flight attendant and my colleague recommended me Dietmar Duller and his VIP cabin attendant training in Geneva. After doing my research and speaking to him on the phone, I knew he is the right person to provide me with more in-depth knowledge about the private aviation, particularly in Europe. I do recommend his training for flight attendants who want to succeed in private aviation and get knowledge about the industry. Dietmar Duller is a great teacher and speaks about business aviation cabin crew topics with great interest and professionalism.

Jekaterina Tarasova

I am so glad that I took the decision to be part of the VIP flight attendant training in Geneva with Dietmar Duller. Thanks to him I have a more accurate knowledge about the business aviation industry. His passion during the 2 days training was contagious, he really takes care to answer all our questions and uses real life examples that helps us to understand much more our job. I also truly appreciated his help to build a better CV, now I am proud and feel more confident to apply with it. After the training there is a real follow up for those who are keen to move on and take a new challenge. I highly recommend to spend one weekend for the VIP cabin crew training with Mr. Dietmar Duller and his company Training Solutions.

Silvia Cardoso

I have always worked in Luxury Hotels, in the restaurants to be more precise, and last year I had a job opportunity to work as a Flight attendant, on a private jet. 
I have followed the VIP Flight Attendant course in Geneva, and I consider that I was very lucky, because Mr. Dietmar prepared me very well for this new job. His knowledge and the way he managed to transmit the information, was the best introduction that I could receive.

Oana Andreea Chimir

I did the VIP cabin crew training in customer service excellence with with Mr. Dietmar in Geneva and the training was just excellent. It exceeded my expectations in all aspects and Mr. Dietmar is very professional, did a top class job and, was very helpful. Training Solutions offers an excellent course, I have gained knowledge that will ensure an excellent level of service to my clients.  I am so glad, I attended this training course and I think it is a must for both new and well-seasoned corporate flight attendants. Thank you very much Mr. Dietmar

Deisy Mendes Sequeira

I am very happy to have met Mr. Duller because thanks to him, I now have a much better understanding of the meaning of working as a VIP cabin attendant on private jets. I have gained a lot more confidence and industry specific knowledge, that will help me. I know the steps, I have to follow to become a VIP flight attendant. Mr. Duller also helps you during in the whole process and helps you to make your Curriculum Vitae perfect before applying to business aviation companies and he, also follows up with you to see how things are going. The two-day VIP flight attendant training course in Geneva has been very educational and enjoyable. I would definitely recommend this course to flight attendants who want to move from the commercial aviation industry to work as VIP cabin crew on private jets.

Abigail Villa Camacho

I like to thank you so much for the opportunity to participate in your VIP cabin crew training. I strongly recommend Mr. Dietmar Duller’s training course if you are trying to break into the corporate aviation industry. He has an outstanding character and brings a lot of knowledge of private aviation. He has exceeded my expectations and provided me with great tools that I can’t wait to put it into practice.

Neide K. Sorgo

It has really given me new insight and energy to persevere in my future work. We were given concrete examples, excellent analysis and feedback regarding the industry. There was a lot of energy and enthusiasm and it makes one feel challenged and consistently drawn into the presentation. My questions were fully answered; I understood better what the expectations are. My CV was polished by Dietmar up to the point where I feel it really shows what I represent. I couldn't have managed that without professional help. I wish I had done the VIP cabin attendant training earlier. I am so thankful for everything you deliver!

Andreea Banut

As a flight attendant in the private business aviation for over 30 years, I was very impressed with the two day course in Geneva,- packed with valuable information, learning new skills and exchanging experiences. Thank you Dietmar, for a very professional and informative course !

Helle von Hauen de Jong

Being a VIP flight attendant is challenging because (no matter what) you are always expected to provide superior customer service and exceed customers’ expectations. Therefore, when I started operating flights on private business jets, I immediately understood that it is a completely new level for me and that all my previous 7 years of professional experience in civil aviation is still not enough for me to feel completely confident and to do my best in my workplace. I started looking for a training course through the Internet and, luckily, I found the VIP Flight Attendant Training course conducted by Mr. Dietmar Duller. The course comprises all the most important and essential topics regarding the profession of VIP Flight attendant as well as a practical lesson in silver service (which was particularly useful for me). I highly recommend to attend this course not only if you have a strong desire (as I do) to become a true VIP Flight attendant but also if you feel you need to fill some gaps in your professional education.

Ievgeniia Tokova

After flying commercially for almost ten years I decided that I wanted to step up into the corporate aviation world which can be quite daunting as many recruiters and companies won't take you on without experience. A friend of mine had participated in Dietmar's course and she couldn't recommend him enough, not only for the course content but also because Dietmar is highly respected within the industry. I thought that if I am going to do this, then I am going to do it properly. It was an excellent introduction into corporate flying, covering topics such as in-flight silver service techniques, private jet specific table settings, business catering guidelines and menu planning, luxury food items, implications of meals and drinks at high altitudes, special dietary requirements and religions on board. In flight food safety & HACCP, corporate identity, FA philosophy and attitude, protocol – Head of States and Royals, eye for detail, private jet specific SOP’s, client profiles, exceeding customer expectations and latest corporate trends. Many aspects are those that we would have never have experienced as commercial crew and is a lot more to think about than I anticipated, therefore I believe that this is the best possible introduction you could give yourself if you want to learn new skills or build on existing knowledge. He crammed a lot of content into two days whilst keeping it interesting with many practical tasks. We had many experienced corporate FA’s in our class and all were impressed with his extensive knowledge and attention to detail. Dietmar is friendly, approachable and very patient. He also provided us with a book of all the course content so that we can refer to it when needed. He also spent a lot of time assisting me with my CV and I can’t thank him enough for his help and continued, ongoing support.

Virgin Atlantik

I have been a commercial flight attendant for these past 24 years and attending Dietmar's VIP cabin crew training course, clearly showed me how beautiful the world of VIP aviation is. With a sharp eye for every minute detail, Dietmar left no subject uncovered regarding the business aviation industry. He is a fountain of knowledge and patiently answered all the queries he was faced with. The passion with which he conducts his course, clearly shows how close this subject is to his heart. I highly recommend this course to all those who either want to start working in this line of aviation, and to those who already are and just want to perfect their skills in order to excel in their job

Marika Zammit

I am so happy and grateful now that I have gained an enormous amount of knowledge and insight, in a short period of time having met Mr. Dietmar Duller. I was thrilled to have taken part recently in the Silver Service | VIP Flight Attendant course with Dietmar in Geneva. Training Solutions will surely make a huge impact on your performance. If your aim is to become the best VIP Flight Attendant you can be, this exceptional course will offer you a wealth of information and practical solutions, covering several, functional aspects of your daily duties. Dietmar is a lovely gentleman and extremely professional and he made the course very interesting and engageable. In two days I have learned things that I didn’t even know before. I highly recommend Training Solutions VIP cabin crew training course to anybody wanting to improve their performance in the VIP flight attendant and private aviation field.

Jose M. Rosado

VIP Flight Attendant training with Training Solutions and Mr. Dietmar Duller is very complete and intensive. I have been working as a corporate flight attendant for a while and Dietmar 's training was very helpful to continue my career. I improved my skills in relation to excellence in a high standard customer service. An added plus was all Dietmar’s knowledge about specific clients from Russia and the Middle East, and special foods for different religions onboard. It exceeded my expectations and I am truly better prepared and more confident after the training. It is definitely the investment I was looking for!

Florbela Marques

Dietmar's two-day course for VIP Flight Attendant Training is extremely comprehensive and covers a wide range of subjects, all designed to equip any flight attendant with the tools needed to accomplish the role of VIP Flight Attendant, to the highest standards possible. After the course was completed Dietmar remained in contact and helped me with my CV; I can definitely say that my CV is in the best shape ever after his input. I am definitely now on my way to achieving my dream job and would highly recommend this course to anyone wishing to enter business aviation - Dietmar is a great teacher and mentor.

Amanda Coombs

I truly enjoyed attending the VIP flight attendant training held in the heart of hospitality in Switzerland within an easy reach from Geneva airport. The intensive two day course held a very educational package of the industry trends and the material provided will give you the basic tools and knowledge to be as prepared and confident as possible. After having commercial and corporate flying experience this class was a great refresher course. I was also able to create the perfect resume. With the knowledge and skills gained from the course I feel confident and well prepared. I would strongly recommend the VIP flight attendant training to anyone interested getting into the business and for experienced VIP cabin crew as a recurrent.

Heidi Annina Teras

Training Solutions offers an excellent course in VIP customer service for future and existing business jet flight attendants. I had wanted to attend this course for some time so in December 2017 I finally had the chance to take part. It was a very well organized course, a lot of new and useful information; we learned about cultural differences, how to cater according to religious practices, cabin decoration and the latest trends in business aviation. The whole course was enlightening, especially the practical part. Dietmar is a very knowledgeable person, and he is very familiar with the industry and its demands. He made everyone feel welcomed, answered patiently all our questions; after the course he helped us polish our resumes. I highly recommend this training to all flight attendants, new to the industry or experienced, as myself. Thank you very much Dietmar for the amazing two days.”

Tünde Bilibok

I have been flying for almost 17 years and customer service excellence is my great passion. Training Solutions VIP flight attendant training course is of very high quality. Dietmar is an impeccable professional, with truly effective communication skills. Detail is his guide and this training course perfectly presents Dietmar’s knowledge, skills and dedication. He welcomed each one of us and he has continued to care about our professional development and wellbeing ever since. The training as a whole was unique, challenging, interesting, educational and luxurious. Everything had been arranged by Dietmar carefully and he flawlessly managed to introduce us to the world of the real VIP Aviation.

Spyros Raptis

The training concept is very good! The VIP cabin crew training was well constructed with some theory, lots of practical parts and exercises, and a food & wine tasting. All this meant our day passed very quickly and you kept our motivation high. You covered all the important topics on the theory side and I really liked the good mixture of information and practical application.

Iuliia Gaponenko

This training program is specially designed for people who would like to join the private jet sector and who have already flown in the commercial aviation industry. Mr. Duller, who is the founder of the training has perfect knowledge, politeness, manner, discipline and passion for sharing all the wonderful details and tips about both fine dining and the exclusive clients’ profiles. You are going to feel unique to being part of this program. If you need to make the next step in your career path, all you need to do is let him re-shape your aviation experiences.

Ozlem Arda

Every minute spent at the course with Dietmar was well spent, not a minute was lost. Dietmar is like a human encyclopedia of hospitality knowledge. I am happy I took this course; the information I received is priceless and very practical if you wish to work as a VIP flight attendant on private jets. I highly recommend this course to everyone who wants to enter the VIP jet industry and bring their hospitality skills to a higher level.

Marina Buraga

I would like to share my experience on the recent VIP Silver Service Training which took part in Geneva, it was a very well organized training with a great structure, lots of information and most of all a wonderful atmosphere, I shared the classroom with several other ladies with aviation backgrounds, some completely new to VIP training such as myself, some others experienced, and we've all shared examples, and learned a lot from each other. But most importantly was your ability to really help us feel welcomed, I found myself already imagining being inside the aircraft serving high class customers during practical parts and I can honestly say that I gained a lot of confidence during this two-day course. After all, I've learned from the best and I'm convinced that it will become as a great asset for my upcoming VIP Flight Attendant experience. I strongly recommend it to all future VIP candidates or existing ones looking to significantly improve their current skills. Thank you very much for all your assistance and support and wishing you smooth and pleasant training courses ahead.

Irina Udrea

I am so glad I did this VIP cabin attendant course. After flying for over 10 years with a commercial airline I decided I wanted to enter the private jet sector but I only had a vague knowledge about private aviation. Having now completed the course I realize, there is so much more to the job than I had first thought. Dietmar is not only an expert at what he teaches. but his personal approach to each of his trainees really makes him a great teacher, He really takes the time with each person to find out a bit more about them, and he was always open to questions, was very patient and instantly put everyone at ease. We covered a lot in 2 days, but it flowed very well and Dietmar always kept it exciting and interactive. Plus when you leave you get all the information that you will ever need in your manual to take home with you. Also having Dietmar as a mentor has made me much more confident about starting my new and exciting career.  I would definitely recommend this course to everyone. Thank you Dietmar!

Imogen Reynolds Moreton

I enjoyed the VIP cabin crew training in September 2017 in Customer Service Excellence in Geneva, Switzerland. The course itself is of great benefit to commercial flight attendants who would like to transition to become a VIP cabin crew member and work in private jets but also, as in my case, for experienced private jet flight attendants that are always looking to improve the customer service skills and follow up the latest trends in the industry. The structure of the course has been tailored to the tasks and responsibilities of the VIP flight attendant covering all the key elements to exceed customer expectations: organization of the upcoming flight, grooming, cabin decoration, performing the correct silver service technique and attending to the client’s needs with ultimate discretion. Thank you Dietmar for delivering an excellent course accompanies, accompanied by an enjoyable ambiance. I will recommend your course to all of my colleagues in the aviation industry and I wish you success in your future endeavours.

Ana Maria Zamfira

This was one of the best training courses I have ever attended. The venue, materials and facilitation were excellent, especially the luxury foods and beverage items that we have been introduced to. Learning by doing: I enjoyed the practical sessions where we have been shown that every table setting has a logic and also the role play which prepared us for unexpected situations. The other participants were amazing and I learned a lot from their experience through sharing our stories. Dietmar Duller always took our answers seriously, never dismissed them as wrong, emphasized good answers, and provided useful examples. He works with the whole person –mentally and emotionally. The training can be challenging as we discussed actual examples and we got an honest feedback, but warm and interesting in the same time. Dietmar Duller is very professional and enthusiastic and his knowledge is, without a doubt, more than suitable for the aviation industry and in particular, he knows the private aviation industry extremely well. I recommend this training to all cabin crew interested in seeing the real private jet setting. The subjects are relevant, focusing on the essential way of looking at private aviation sector. I gained confidence and I had the feeling that I already stepped inside a business jet cabin. I only had a vague knowledge of this sector before, now I have a clear idea thanks to the realistic and beautiful presentation. The time flew by! Everything felt so natural and logical and I cleared out questions that were impossible to answer before.

Andreea Margarit

Dietmar Duller’s VIP Flight Attendant Training Course came highly recommended to me. After initially contacting him with my interest, I realised that he gives a great amount of care and attention to every candidate. This is what makes his course stand out and is why I chose to book onto it. The learning environment Dietmar is careful to create is welcoming, positive, honest and immediately puts you at ease. For me, this was important as I could relax and get the most out of each day. The two-day course was hugely informative, educational and dynamic. Dietmar is extremely knowledgeable and patient. He made sure each person felt confident in the topic or task being covered before moving on to the next subject. It is a very intense course but Dietmar keeps it refreshing and engaging throughout the weekend so you come away buzzing with confidence about the new skills and knowledge you’ve learnt. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and would highly recommend it to anyone new to the industry or simply wishing to improve their knowledge and skills in private aviation. Book it!

Chloe Fletcher

Thank you for the great VIP cabin crew course you gave in June 2017. I learnt a lot and I enjoyed the interaction and the practical side of the course as I learn better through doing. The ambiance you created among the flight attendants was very positive and stimulating. The learning tools were complete and great quality. I also appreciate your concern about my professional situation and sending me job opportunities. It was a beautiful 2 days and I highly recommend your course to any flight attendant who would like to progress in the service. Many thanks.

Marianne Wagner

I choose to learn from the best. When it comes to VIP Cabin Crew training Dietmar Duller is that person- he’s skillful, passionate, professional and motivated to show you the way. Dietmar’s 2-day course is an intense roller-coaster ride exploring corporate aviation. Dietmar’s ability to produce consistently great work while meticulously crafting and leading this class is a testament to his dedication to his work and to adding value to people’s lives. He inspired me to work harder. That spells success. He is not only a great instructor but also a great mentor to me. I would recommend it to anyone. Thank you Dietmar, it was an honor!

Claire Tryfon

When the time came to take the next step in my career as a VIP cabin crew I found Dietmar Duller from Training Solutions offered great assistance. Expert advice and great opportunities were constantly available from his contacts and his recommendation gave me the opportunity to attend a couple of interesting interviews. I am now waiting for a decision to be made, regarding to work on a private jet, as this operation suits my experience and needs perfectly. Dietmar Duller has always been very reliable, easy to reach and I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking to further their career as a flight attendant by looking to work on private jets.

Monika Rojek

This training course has taught me a lot and is the perfect preparation for anyone with interest and passion to step into the corporate jet industry and start a successful career. Dietmar is not only an expert in this field, he's also a great coach who will guide you throughout your career, for both new and experienced VIP flight attendants. What I appreciated the most about Dietmar is his personal approach and genuine caring for each and every individual trainee. It has truly been a great pleasure.

Fatiha Ouchan

I attended one of Mr Dietmar Duller Training courses for VIP Flight Attendants and it was clear and easy to understand why this course is the leading European Training Course for Corporate Staff. Mr. Duller is extremely well-prepared not only on the subject that he facilitates but especially in the training delivery methods, which are very modern and are designed to provide sustainable knowledge for this industry. In today’s VIP crewmembers market, having this training on anyone’s CV enourmously enhances their chances of being hired. As a highlight, I would like to point out the high level of Silver Service and Wine and Champagne service which are Sine Qua Non to achieve the level of knowledge and confidence that allows any Corporate Crewmember to deliver to the highest of expectations. I did this course as a refresher course due to the constant changes in service trends and it exceeded my expectations without a doubt. My heartfelt thank you.

Rui Fragoso

I have been a client of Mr.Dietmar Duller, while looking for a job as VIP flight attendant. From the beginning of the search for a new job till the end, he has always kept in touch with me and I was always aware of what was expected from me for the new job as a VIP cabin crew for this private operation. Mr. Duller is prompt in answering questions regarding job offers, he knows his work, is professional and he is a caring person and looks out for the well-being of the flight attendants.

Renate Heising

Attending Mr.Dietmar Duller’s VIP cabin crew training was absolutely unique, two full, intense days learning/practicing a lot of useful things and at same time expanding your network by meeting lovely girls working in the same field. Mr. Duller is so full of knowledge and that encourages you to ask lots of questions. It’s a training course where you can’t get bored as there’s lot of interaction. At the end of it you will feel more confident, (especially if you're freelancing and don't know what to expect) and have more chances to get interviews. An experience that I would repeat again as it was totally worth it!

Silvana Lopes

I am so glad that I got to participate in the VIP Flight Attendant training by Training Solutions. It is definitely very useful for new and current private jet flight attendants. I would recommend it to anyone looking to learn new skills and share practical experiences with fellow colleagues.

Millie Okpala

The VIP cabin crew training is without a doubt invaluable not only to anyone who is trying to break into the corporate aviation industry, or who is already working as a VIP cabin attendant and wants to polish their skills but also for anyone interested in the high standards required at such a high level of service. "Dietmar Duller is a mentor in every possible way. His personal involvement, honesty, passion for service perfectly combined with his professionalism and vast experience as a VIP flight attendant trainer in the business aviation industry. It was eye opening, personalized and wonderfully delivered. Thank you Dietmar! It was an honor.

Andreea Stefanescu

I found the VIP cabin attendant training course very useful as it includes all the information that we need to provide an excellent and detailed service onboard of a privet jet. Mr. Dietmar Duller is an excellent trainer and he is always trying to make the best of us, enhancing our qualities and giving us advice in the areas we have to improve.

Joana Duarte Silva


Attending the 2 day, VIP cabin crew training course at Training Solutions was the best decision I made. Dietmar is full of knowledge and experience, makes you feel at ease and will go over anything you’re not quite sure about. I feel so much more confident and knowledgeable to be able to be the most professional VIP flight attendant and as the single crew member, I feel as though I am more than capable. My favourite part of the course was the practicals of laying up different flatware for different cultures and learning how to lay the table in a professional way in front of passengers. I also loved the personal aspect of the course, as a small group sharing different experiences and stories. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who wants to succeed as a successful VIP flight attendant, plus it’s great to learn for your personal growth. Thank you Dietmar.'

Lauren Fairbrother


I have recently been a client of Mr. Dietmar Duller, while searching for a new VIP flight attendant position. From the beginning and throughout my search, Mr. Duller has been in contact with me asking about my progress and my experience. Mr. Duller is not only professional but caring, he understands the positions he puts crew forward for, as he is aware of the market and conditions in the Middle East. During the VIP cabin crew recruitment process, I was always aware of what was expected of me and there were never any surprises. Mr. Duller is prompt with answering any questions or queries in regards to the VIP cabin crew job offers. It has been a pleasure to work with him and I have no doubt I will work with him again in the future.

Melody Hewitt


Mr. Dietmar Duller’s VIP flight attendant training course helped me a lot in improving my skills, some that i didn't believe i even had, discovering new things and techniques that i couldn't even think off, building up my confidence towards delivering excellent customer service on private jets I would do the VIP cabin crew training course again without any hesitation and be just as enthusiastic as the first time as i loved the calm way you have in explaining even little things we might not know. I really appreciated how you put me at ease as I tend to be anxious when meeting new people. I honestly see you as a mentor in my career.

Cristina Cuha


The VIP flight attendant training course with Dietmar Duller did not only meet my expectations but exceeded them! Not only because of the course content, but also especially regarding the small class size which made it even more personal for all of us Hereby I’d like to state my appreciation for all you have done and mention that your personal support, pleasant welcome and the entire organization was of the highest standard. .I’d love to see every girl having the chance to attend one of your courses. I’ll happily recommend you and I’m optimistic that many of my colleagues will follow my recommendation and get back to you! I’m most grateful for everything you have taught and given us to help with our future path in business aviation as well as in our personal lives!

Valeriya Korbut


I attended the private jet flight attendant training in July 2016, after being in touch with Training Solutions for two years. I would recommend it to anyone who would like to start working in corporate aviation, in order to familiarize yourself with it. But it is also extremely interesting for existing VIP flight attendants, in order to refresh yourself, increase your knowledge and confidence in your actions and professionalism at work, and share experiences to be able to learn faster. I was impressed with the training, but was even more amazed with the treatment given once the training was finished, as you are always reachable by email or phone call for any doubts about interviews, CV, caterings, or anything related to the job. The availability and interest about your future career from Dietmar Duller is what makes the difference about this VIP flight attendant training to others. Many thanks once again, I wish I knew from before how this training would change my mind and my career in a good way.

Carmen Potero Sanz


In my career I had attended several training courses in hospitality and aviation however, I can strongly recommend anyone to attend 2 days service excellence course offered by Training Solutions to any career focused flight attendant. This will become a very good start or self-investment, since the knowledge given for the subjects are very useful for future employment. Mr. Dietmar is a very good psychologist and talks to each flight attendant participant individually in order to provide each of them with all possible information. I would like to advise the upcoming training participants: make sure you have your paper with all the questions ready to ask and be open; prepare yourself - go through all the information provided on Mr. Duller's website, and be clear towards your expectations; and finally stay in the same hotel where the training will take place.

Kristina Slauta

I would like to express my sincere appreciation to Mr. Dietmar Duller for his professionalism regarding VIP flight attendant recruitment services. His reputation in the business aviation is unsurpassed. I have sent my CV for one of his VIP cabin crew job vacancies, and shortly after; my current employer contacted me directly and the recruitment process was very quick. Mr. Duller is very proactive and has a complex business network always working with honest and serious business aviation companies. Mr. Duller gave me his personal advice and he is constantly following up, which reassured me before I accepted the offer. With Mr. Dietmar Duller, your flight attendant CV is in good hands and will reach the right business aviation companies.

Sara Martins

I was looking for a VIP flight attendant training course that would help me gain broader knowledge about the industry and gain skills and tips that would be helpful onboard. This was absolutely the right place for my wishes. As Mr Dietmar Duller has great experience from the business aviation industry I felt that he had a lot to offer and the course was very valuable to me. Mr Duller has a fantastic way of teaching broad and general knowledge, but at the same time emphasizes on important details that make all the difference in being a great flight attendant on business jets. I feel more confident and inspired after spending a weekend with him.

Johanna Englund

I was extremely happy with the learning outcomes of the VIP flight attendant training course with Dietmar Duller. The training gave me the confidence to deliver a much better quality of service to my clients as well as prepare me for my new career in corporate aviation. The course was insightful, educational and heaps of fun; I only wish it could have lasted longer!

Emily Hilton

Dietmar Duller provided me with a fantastic VIP flight attendant opportunity in the Middle East, that I would not have been able to obtain without his professional assistance. Throughout my recruitment process, he was in constant communication with me, providing guidance and information; specific to the particular job role. Dietmar was always very honest about his client’s expectations and how to approach the interview process. Since commencing my new role, Dietmar has remained in contact with me and is keen to know how the new job is developing. I am thoroughly happy with Dietmar’s recommendations and professionalism during this VIP flight attendant recruitment process.

Hayley Wood

Mr Dietmar Duller's, in-flight service training course for private jet flight attendants is an intense roller-coaster ride exploring everything we need to know about providing excellent service. He's skilful, passionate and eager to show you the way. I learned details that I wouldn’t’ have discovered if it weren’t for his class. I'm so glad and very lucky that I got full support from my employer to attend this training- all the way from Singapore to Geneva. I feel more confident that I can provide excellent service to my clients, thanks to Mr. Dietmar Duller. This class is great and I highly recommend it.

Ornella Sungkono

I wondered about taking part in the VIP flight attendant traiing with Mr. Duller for a long time. Now I know it was money well spent. I started my adventure with corporate aviation without any basic training whatsoever. When I attended the training course after I had been working for one year, I was shocked at how many mistakes I was still making. I gained so much thorough theoretical and practical knowledge from the training. I higly recommend Training Solutions VIP flight attendant training to anyone who has doubts; honestly, it is worth spendind the money on as it is a good investment in your future. I would like to thank Mr. Dietmar for the vast knowledge he shared with me. I am sure I will come back to refresh everything and get to know the new trends in corporate aviation. Thank you.

Jagoda Bernasconi

I chose Mr. Duller’s two day VIP cabin crew course to improve my awareness and skills in order to become more attractive employee as a VIP cabin crew in the competitive aviation job market. The training exceeded my expectations. The methodical and practical teaching methods are designed to help anyone, regardless of their level of experience to improve their skills and to widen their horizons. I have not only learned how to become much better in the technical part of service but I also gained a constructive knowledge about approaching and dealing with different cultures and personalities. Furthermore, since completing this course I have a greater understanding of operations in regions such as Europe, Russia, the Middle East, Asia etc. Implementing knowledge is easy when you learn in the right way. Mr. Duller is an admirable example of a professional trainer and expert in the field of corporate aviation training. The atmosphere of the course is relaxed, friendly yet with very high standards. It is nice when you are not only a number or a trainee, but when your personality is understood and appreciated. Mr. Duller’s guidance does not end with the training; he also provides great and valuable help afterwards. I am sincerely grateful to him for all his support. I can hghly recommend this VIP cabin crew training to everyone in our vocation and I would like to wish to Mr. Duller a many, many more years of successful training.

Ruzica Kotur

We were two groups of VIP cabin crew from different private business aviation companies in Almaty with our professional cabin crew Trainer Dietmar Duller..It was the perfect time to be a part of this training program and we really enjoyed his hands-on-practical classes. We specialize on offering service for Muslim passengers and this course gave us a greater level of knowledge and many new ideas of how to improve our service. Thank you for sharing your intensive experience with us. We’re very grateful and to you for giving us this opportunity! We will always cherish and remember these moments with Training Solutions during our private jet flight attendant training course!

Irina Nagmanova

Dietmar Duller’s VIP cabin crew training is a must for a new girl in this industry. The ‘hands on’ training is very useful and a perfect opportunity to train your table settings until you nail them. Besides of all the skills, the training gives you an honest picture of the industry. Dietmar is very straight forward and gives you his honest opinion. All the questions are welcome and this gives a perfect possibility to exchange ideas throughout the VIP flight attendant training. For ladies that have been in the industry for a while, the training is a perfect refresher course and a chance to exchange ideas and experiences. I can sincerely recommend Dietmar Duller’s VIP flight attendant training to anyone in this challenging profession.

Johanna Virolainen

Dietmar Duller’s training course for VIP flight attendants is like a piece of art; and, like an artist’s palette, we learn to use the right colours to bring perfection to our work. It has been a pleasure and an unforgettable memory, where I have gained the strength, the motivation and the skills I needed to deliver outstanding and customized service in the cabin of the private jet where I’m working.

Almudena Romeo

I really enjoyed the VIP cabin crew training with Dietmar Duller, a really patient trainer who answered all of my questions and who was very well organized. My knowledge and skills as a VIP cabin crew have improved in many ways and I feel much more confident now. My customers also noticed and appreciated the changes which I have implemented. Attention to details will now also be on my priority list.

Anastasia Scacco

 I had the great opportunity to attend Mr. Dietmar Duller’s Corporate Flight Attendant training. The two days were filled with important knowledge, clever tips, valuable experience and loads of fun. This training is accurately tailored for flight attendants with many years in the industry, but also for those who are taking the first steps in corporate flying. It gave me a better picture of what to expect and how to prepare myself for future roles. The variety of practical activities and the experience shared by friendly and open-minded fellow participants increased my confidence greatly. You not only improve your skills, but also make good friends!

Agnes Belkot

 The two day VIP cabin crew service training course with Dietmar Duller was very helpful. Dietmar Duller is very professional, and as I am new to the business aviation industry it has helped me to gain more confidence. Having several experienced VIP cabin crew attending the training was another great benefit.

Andrey Poliakov

 Having just attended the two day VIP flight attendants service training course with Dietmar Duller; I can say it was a truly wonderful experience. Not only did it give me the chance to see where my service skills need to be refreshed but also the content over the two days was interesting and informative. The course had a great flow and there was lots of time for questions and interaction with other participants.. I have come away from the course feeling confident and my creative side has also been awakened. The course is a must for anyone new to the industry or even experienced crew looking for some new ideas to assist them in their current positions.

Alina Pocora

 My experience related to this course is that it was very professional from the very beginning until the moment I got my corporate flight attendant training diploma. All of this professional environment is accompanied by a very warm atmosphere, because Dietmar really knows how to approach people and how to work with them, having the highest level of knowledge and experience in private aviation and customer service. I would recommend this course not only to people who are at their first experience of this type of training, as I was, but also for those with experience, the course being suitable for all levels and giving you as the participant the possibility to share and learn in the same time. Thank you Dietmar!

Alina Pocora

 This year, in October 2014, I had an opportunity to participate in a two day VIP cabin crew service training course in Geneva. I would like to mention the convenient hotel location, as it was easy to find it. Mr. Dietmar Duller, who conducted the course, provided information in advance via e-mail and phone about the course program and its exact location. An important detail is that right from the beginning of the course, there was a possibility to communicate with Mr. Duller in case an unpredicted situation came up, and an immediate solution was needed. At all times it was affirmed that the course was conducted by a real professional. The relaxed atmosphere, engaging materials and positive environment promoted experience exchange. Throughout the course, it was possible to comprehend what else needs to be mastered, also, what the skills are that are both required and most valued in the job market. I most certainly recommend this course to my colleagues. I want to thank Mr. Duller for all his attention and shared experience!

Irena Brolisa

 I looked for a course that would inspire me to a higher level of VIP service and Mr. Dietmar Duller ran a course that fulfilled all of my requirements. The VIP flight attendant training course was comprehensive, covering every aspect of VIP aircraft service and was also good value for money. The two days were long and fulfilling, covering a multitude of aspects of our job. I would highly recommend this course to any motivated flight attendant. 

Marie- Jose Verweij

 I am very grateful that I had the opportunity to be part of this VIP cabin crew service training. Although being an experienced corporate flight attendant, the 2-day training course gave me plenty of amazing ideas, but also a deeper understanding of the philosophy behind providing the best service … if any flight attendant would like to make a "step forward” and give her passengers an unforgettable experience, I can fully recommend Training Solutions with Dietmar Duller.

  Renda Wenzek

 I have just started working as a VIP flight attendant after working for three years for a major European commercial airline. I wanted to tackle a new challenge; however working in the world of corporate aviation is complete different. My thanks go to Dietmar Duller’s, two-day VIP flight attendant service training course in Geneva;- it has helped me a lot in my daily tasks and made me feel more confident. Thank you Dietmar! 

Katherina Stieger

 Looking for the right opportunity to find work as a VIP cabin crew member in the business aviation industry can be very frustrating some times. I felt I had everything I needed to get myself a good job but still something wasn’t right. Dietmar Duller has actually helped me; he looked at my CV and gave me valuable tips on how to improve it. I followed his advice and I got the job I was looking for a few months later. I cannot thank Dietmar enough and I appreciate his work!

Tina Kangas

 I have recently participated in the VIP cabin crew training course conducted by Mr. Dietmar Duller, and I am pleased to say it was one of the wisest things I have chosen to do. Not only did I find the answers to all my questions regarding business aviation, but also I got to meet professional people who were kind enough to share their experiences with me, in order to widen mine. My previous experience in first class on a commercial airline was not adequate enough to become a successful corporate flight attendant, but after the skills attained in Geneva and the information presented to me during  the training, I am confident that I am a capable candidate. Special thanks to Mr. Dietmar Duller for the constant support and a great training course. I hope that you will continue to help and shape up a lot of other great flight attendants.

Alina Costache

I recently attended Dietmar Duller's two-day corporate flight attendant training course, and I would like to highly recommend his course to anybody who wants to start a career as a corporate flight attendant. Dietmar is an expert in the area of first class service and his teaching skills are orientated towards our learning experience. He encourages and motivates across all training areas and explains everything very clearly. Thank you for widening my horizons and for making me better at my job!

Gabriela Luca

The VIP flight attendant training with Dietmar Duller was an unforgettable experience for me, and one of the nicest training courses I have taken during my 10-year flying career. I'm also happy knowing that I have now joined 750 of my flying colleagues in successfully completing a course of such high standing. Thank you for helping us all to achieve the new level of customer service on board our clients' private jets.

Anastasia Federova

I am glad I took the last minute opportunity to join Dietmar's training program before leaving to take up my new position. Not only did he help me to better understand the corporate clients' expectations and how to fulfil them, but he also answered all of my many questions. This training is so comprehensive which is amazing when you consider the course only lasts two days. But what is it all about? Well, practising our skills and learning new ones; exchanging experiences, real stories and points of view from Dietmar and the other participants. Thank you, Dietmar, for both the great training course and the document support, which is proving to be a great mine of information.

Jennifer Quet

Dietmar's training program was challenging and very intensive, both of which inspired our team of VIP flight attendants to stretch themselves, learning new skills and gaining new knowledge on each of the training days. Our team believes that Dietmar Duller not only trained us in the technical skills required by professional VIP flight attendants, but also equipped each of us with an understanding attitude which will help us to successfully overcame the challenges and difficulties that a VIP flight attendant will inevitable face. Dietmar's training course provided us with the knowledge to better represent our company Air Alsie and their clients, providing them with the highest level of VIP service in the cabin, Thank you again for the outstanding training in Sonderborg.

Katharina Seitz

On behalf of Dalia Air's team we would like to thank Dietmar Duller for training our future corporate flight attendants. It was great pleasure working with him and we have spend quality time learning from his extensive experience. The training courses have been very informative and relevant to all candidates. We look forward to working with you again soon.

Souad Naji

Even experienced flight attendants should visit this training course, because with time you get into a routine. Dietmar shows how to pay attention to the small details, which make a big difference.

Claudia Osobsky

I was lucky that my business aviation company organized a three-day one-to-one corporate flight attendant training course in customer service excellence with Dietmar Duller. The training has been very interesting and Dietmar has been extremely helpful and professional. The course was great and I learned a lot of new things. Thank you, Dietmar.

Nadine Hajir

I just had the great chance to participate in the corporate flight attendant training of Dietmar Duller. Dietmar is very professional and his huge knowledge has helped me to feel that there is no difficult situation if you have attended his class. All new things I've learnt thanks to him make me feel now that I am completely ready to work as a corporate flight attendant in business aviation; I am now prepared to face all challenges that might come my way. During the class you don't even feel the time passing and the way Dietmar provides his knowledge is so much at your ease that you remember everything at the same time! Another very good thing is that you practise a lot during the course and this makes it even easier to understand things better. In my opinion Dietmar's training is a must for all flight attendants who love their job and wants to bring their skills to a very high level. I would not think twice if I had a second opportunity to attend another training course with Dietmar! He inspired me and gave me the confidence that I needed! Thank you Dietmar for being there! 

Desislava Kurteva

I was thrilled to participate recently in the two-day Customer Service Excellence training course with Dietmar Duller, which offered a wealth of information and practical demonstrations, proving you can never know everything! Dietmar was extremely professional and made the course great deal of fun and I was able to learn so much in a short space of time. I came away having gained enormous insight and knowledge within the Corporate Flight Attendant role and cannot recommend this course enough.

Kate Sollacher

I am glad to take this opportunity to thank Dietmar Duller for preparing and conducting the outstanding master class course that was tailor-made specifically for our operation. Enormous experience, worldwide awareness, and up-to-date competence make Dietmar an exceptional teacher. His creativity, devotion and passion made our course an experience that inspired all of us to strive for constant perfection, not only in customer service, but also in everyday life, in everything we do. The importance of a positive attitude, devotion, teamwork, leadership, communication, organization, constant learning and self-improvement were just some of the points touched upon by Dietmar. In addition, the latest serving techniques, personalized service sequence, cabin and product trends were all presented and practised during our course. I would strongly recommend Dietmar Duller's training course to anyone who has not yet attended it, as well as a yearly recurrent training for maintaining and constantly improving corporate flight attendants' customer service skills and knowledge in our fast and always- changing world.

Yulia Stupishina

I finally had the chance to take part in the training after two years of trying to accommodate it within my schedule, and all I can say is that even if you think you are well prepared, you aren't! Mr. Dietmar Duller gave me the motivation to improve my standards, which I Iearnt are never high enough! Exceeding expectations will from now on be a daily challenge and target. This training exceeded my expectations!!!

Clara Brew

Dietmar uses his extensive knowledge from all areas of corporate aviation and hospitality to train and coach flight attendants at all levels of experience. Many examples of real situations were used to explain concepts, and we were encouraged to share our own experiences. Everyone in the class was made to feel that their input was valued. Dietmar Duller greatly contributed to team building within our group, encouraging us to discuss all issues openly. I would highly recommend this training, even if you have been in aviation for many years.

Sophie Awdy

Dietmar Duller's training was in depth, fascinating and thoroughly enjoyable. Ladies from all corners of the world and with different backgrounds attended the course, but he insured his material was relevant and useful for every-one of us. I found it excellent in motivating me and ensuring that I am always prepared. We covered everything from table layouts to awkward situations. I even discovered new and better ways of doing things that I thought were standard across the industry! I thought I knew everything, but it seems I was wrong! I thoroughly recommend Dietmar's training to anyone in the industry or looking to enter it.

Katharine Moore

I have already dedicated 18 years of my career to business aviation and gained much varied experience during this time. I therefore thought that nothing can excite me. My believe was proven wrong in these 2 days by the Customer Service Excellence Course with Dietmar Duller because I learned a lot. Dietmar brought to our attention so many details, which were just as interesting and helpful for beginners, as for those of us with experience. His practical part of the training, especially the "performing under time pressure" exceeded my expectations! Absolutely outstanding! I was also a teacher before entering aviation and that is why I can say: "Dietmar is a talented teacher". No one became tired or bored after 6-8 hours of classes each day. I am really looking forward to my next course with Dietmar( wine, culinary, or both)!

Galina Stepanova

When we all came together as an existing crew, Dietmar Duller did not hesitate to adapt all of his knowledge to our individual situation on board. As our current service is already quite superior in itself, he watched us closely and made great suggestions on how to improve even more and "spice things up" here and there. The whole training course was all about communicating with each other, finding out as a team where our weak points are and also thinking outside of the box. It was a wonderful influence that Dietmar Duller has worked with many Russian and European operations and was able to demonstrate us the latest trends there! We all enjoyed benefitting from his vast experience and there was no question that Dietmar wasn't able to answer. His work attitude is absolutely professional but at the same time you feel very welcomed and at ease. That is exactly what I expect of a training course! In fact, we enjoyed his training so much that we are thinking of joining another one in the future. There are possibilities for additional workshops on food presentations that not only sound tempting but would be a huge plus for our CV's for the future! I can recommend this training to everyone who wants the best hospitality for their guests on board. I can recommend this training for hard working flight attendants who wish to join the private sector. The certificate awarded at the end of the training is acknowledged by many companies and Dietmar has a growing network of clients. An additional nice touch is that he only works with companies that treat their staff well. For someone who is new in the business that is a huge advantage!

Marion Wilms

The course allowed Amjet Executive crew to improve its quest of excellence towards our passengers, and provide cabin crews with all the necessary tools to improve their professionalism skills for their work. It was a brilliant course and we acquired great tips and ideas. Mr. Dietmar Duller was extremely professional and demonstrated a high degree of adaptability. The course unquestionably exceeded our expectations and we strongly recommend it to everyone who wants to achieve the best and highest standards in their business.

Eleni Karageorgiou