VIP Flight Attendant
Training & Recruitment SINCE 2007

Nathalie Reiffers, Corporate Flight Attendant, Luxembourg, January 2010

When I first saw the syllabus of our Service Training day, I thought "why does it take so long?" Well, Dietmar Duller showed us differently and we learned many new things that unfortunately get lost within the working routine. He also emphasized attention to detail. Having been in this job for quite some time, I can really say that after all these years I learned something new and obtained many interesting hints and tips that Dietmar provided us with. Not only did he emphasize service issues but also proper communication, which was one of the most interesting parts. He made us even more aware of our working situation and of how to be productive and to deliver a good and professional service (even in a short time). Dietmar is a very professional and enthusiastic person and these qualities make the course extremely interesting. Even after a long day you feel like you want to know even more! I can really say that even though I thought I knew everything, Dietmar showed me differently.

Nathalie Reiffers