VIP Flight Attendant
Training & Recruitment SINCE 2007

Inflight service training- Yulia Stupishina, Senior VIP Cabin Crew - Russia, November 2012

I am glad to take this opportunity to thank Dietmar Duller for preparing and conducting the outstanding master class course that was tailor-made specifically for our operation. Enormous experience, worldwide awareness, and up-to-date competence make Dietmar an exceptional teacher. His creativity, devotion and passion made our course an experience that inspired all of us to strive for constant perfection, not only in customer service, but also in everyday life, in everything we do. The importance of a positive attitude, devotion, teamwork, leadership, communication, organization, constant learning and self-improvement were just some of the points touched upon by Dietmar. In addition, the latest serving techniques, personalized service sequence, cabin and product trends were all presented and practised during our course. I would strongly recommend Dietmar Duller's training course to anyone who has not yet attended it, as well as a yearly recurrent training for maintaining and constantly improving corporate flight attendants' customer service skills and knowledge in our fast and always- changing world.

Yulia Stupishina