VIP Flight Attendant
Training & Recruitment SINCE 2007

Former commercial flight attendant who works on private jets as a VIP cabin crew, Ievgeniia Tokova, Kiev- Ukraine, September 2018

Being a VIP flight attendant is challenging because (no matter what) you are always expected to provide superior customer service and exceed customers’ expectations. Therefore, when I started operating flights on private business jets, I immediately understood that it is a completely new level for me and that all my previous 7 years of professional experience in civil aviation is still not enough for me to feel completely confident and to do my best in my workplace. I started looking for a training course through the Internet and, luckily, I found the VIP Flight Attendant Training course conducted by Mr. Dietmar Duller. The course comprises all the most important and essential topics regarding the profession of VIP Flight attendant as well as a practical lesson in silver service (which was particularly useful for me). I highly recommend to attend this course not only if you have a strong desire (as I do) to become a true VIP Flight attendant but also if you feel you need to fill some gaps in your professional education.

Ievgeniia Tokova