VIP Flight Attendant
Training & Recruitment SINCE 2007

Former Commercial Flight Attendant who worked for many years in the Middle East, Carmen Lorenzo Suarez, Spain June 2019

It is with great delighted that I would like to share my experience during VIP flight attendant training. I encountered a very well structured and interesting training course where even the smallest details were cared for. Valuable information was shared that was undoubtedly gathered throughout years of experience; questions were welcomed, there was a great focus on explaining and understanding the industry, all in a professional and welcoming environment. I can definitely recommend this course, as it has fulfilled all my expectations. Moreover, I want to highlight the facilitator, Dietmar Duller. He was at all times very communicative, even before and after the training and has a complete dedication to his job. It is clear to me why this VIP flight attendant training course in Geneva has helped so many people over the years.” Taking home the more than 100 page documents which have been acquired in over a decade on VIP cabin crew training is another big benefit

Carmen Lorenzo Suarez