VIP Flight Attendant
Training & Recruitment SINCE 2007

Inflight Service Training in Denmark -Katharina Seitz, Chief Flight Attendant, Air Alsie- December 2013

Dietmar's training program was challenging and very intensive, both of which inspired our team of VIP flight attendants to stretch themselves, learning new skills and gaining new knowledge on each of the training days. Our team believes that Dietmar Duller not only trained us in the technical skills required by professional VIP flight attendants, but also equipped each of us with an understanding attitude which will help us to successfully overcame the challenges and difficulties that a VIP flight attendant will inevitable face. Dietmar's training course provided us with the knowledge to better represent our company Air Alsie and their clients, providing them with the highest level of VIP service in the cabin, Thank you again for the outstanding training in Sonderborg.

Katharina Seitz