Transitioning from commercial to private flying has been a dream job for me but extremely overwhelmbut thankfully Dietmar @Training Solutions, has set the foundation & made me feel like my dream can now be a reality! The online course gives one access to understanding the world of vip/private flying & also an additional level of support once the course has been completed. it exceeded my expectations, kept me enthralled & transported me into a world which i’m now, confidently, ready & excited for. Dietmar’s energy, decades of knowledge & training experience, and passion, is infectious & inspiring, while at the same time he is candid & straight forward. I absolutely loved the course, thank you Dietmar.

Shireen Seedat

I'm very satisfied with the 4-day webinar given by Dietmar. It was the best learning experience I have ever had. I enjoyed every minute of it. The training was well-structured with many great and useful exercises using real life examples. Every element of the day was engaging and enlightening. Dietmar is an excellent coach who does his job with a big passion and commitment. His teaching methods are brilliant and I feel I learned so much. He was able to clear all my doubts about private jet cabin crew responsibilities, expectations and duties. Really useful and inspiring training. More please!

Justyna Placzek

The 4-day Private Jet Cabin Crew webinar with Dietmar was an excellent tool for a refresher after a break. It was really great and convenient to be able to participate in this online training. The atmosphere and content of the course are conducive to learning in the best conditions. I highly recommend this training to give the best as a VIP flight attendant in business aviation.

Soazig Pennec

Dietmar kindly reached out very quickly to support me from the moment I first contacted him. He treated me just like any other existing professional corporate flight attendant even though my previous experience was a long way back. I feel his training caters for any level both experienced and non-experienced private jet cabin crew, as not only he is very informative and knowledgeable of the corporate aviation industry, he is ever so patient and able to teach everything you need to know about the corporate aviation world in detail until you feel confident. Dietmar is also remembered to take a moment and cheer me up to keep me stay positive when I needed to, which was an absolute plus to this training course. This is a hallmark of Dietmar, a great educator. I highly recommend his training course as this is something you can take with you whatever industry you pursue in the future as it covers a wide range of business studies too. I am very grateful to have met him.

Maki Fox

Finally, I am ready to thank you for the great corporate flight attendant course. I am happy to get my first knowledge of private aviation at Training Solutions. I refreshed my knowledge and also I got a lot of new information about fine dining, wine, aircraft types, the market and much more. Thank you for helping with my CV!

Aliya Tazieva

I would like to thank Mr. Dietmar a lot for his professionalism and his helpful support during the VIP flight attendant training course. For me, it was a great and constructive experience where I could learn a lot about business aviation. I was really happy to attend those three days. Fiirst of all, because the training is well structured and it develops in an interactive way which gives the participants the opportunity to express and share their feelings, thoughts , experiences and to clarify any doubts. Dietmar shares his passion and his knowledge all through the training and he does it in a such a dedicated and detailed way, that is amazing. The training course covers many topics, from the description of business aviation companies and different aircrafts, to the service and your CV. Dietmar is a very well organized instructor, always reachable via phone calls or emails, to which he answers promptly. I highly recommend attending the training course.

Chiara Loiacono

I did the Online VIP training with Dietmar and it was a great experience. As I have only worked on commercial aviation before, this course helped me learn all the difference in priorities when it comes to VIP customers; learn all the required knowledge of table setting, food pairings and menu creation; and most importantly gave me confidence to follow a new career path.

Celina Mateo

I couldn't be happier with Dietmar Duller's webinar; he is very knowledgeable and he solved every single question we had. I loved that we were a reduced group of people so everything felt more personalized and, even though the course was online, we had practical exercises. I recommend this course to anyone that would like to transition from commercial to private aviation as it gives you the knowledge and the confidence to succeed.

Ana Mosquera Argibey

Coming from a commercial aviation background, this training provided me with an insight into private aviation. Getting to know the aircrafts, catering guidelines, getting information about the market worldwide, all these aspects of the training were useful and helpful. I now have a better understanding of the private aviation industry. What is equally important though, is that your passion and experience made this training fun, interesting and I enjoyed learning from you. I also got the chance to meet 3 wonderful ladies, who I am keeping in touch with. Last but not least, your support after the training is much appreciated and it is something that I will definitely need once I start applying for jobs, so I would also like to thank you for that.

Maria Grepsiou

I truly recommend taking the 4-day private jet cabin crew webinar with Dietmar. It teaches you not only how to excel in your job as VIP Flight Attendant, but also how to become more lady-like, familiar with gourmet foods and knowledgeable in wine industry. The training is a great investment in both professional and private life. Enjoy!

Kinga Chmielewska

It is with great delight that I would like to share my experience during VIP flight attendant training. I encountered a very well structured and interesting training course where even the smallest details were cared for. Valuable information was shared that was undoubtedly gathered throughout years of experience; questions were welcomed, there was a great focus on explaining and understanding the industry, all in a professional and welcoming environment. I can definitely recommend this course, as a cornerstone for corporate aviation, as it has fulfilled all my expectations. Moreover, I want to highlight the facilitator, Dietmar Duller. He was at all times very communicative, even before and after the training and is completely dedicated to his job. It is clear to me why this VIP flight attendant training course in Geneva has helped so many people over the years. Thank you so much

Norazyanti Othman

Dietmar's online training was exactly what I needed after this covid year. It literally covered all aspects of the business aviation industry and there was a lot of time for questions too. From table settings, wine serving to personal presentation and CV advice, it has everything. Dietmar himself is an incredibly professional yet warm instructor with attention to detail and deep knowledge of the industry and market. The course gave me a lot of food for thought and motivated me to get to know more about certain topics. Above all, it gave me confidence in my abilities and for that, thank you!

Magdalena Smotlachova

The VIP Flight Attendant Training led by Dietmar has given me a clear picture of what business aviation really is. Dietmar’s passion and involvement is genuine, his continuous focus and desire is to offer his trainees the best preparation to transition from commercial to private aviation. He is extremely knowledgeable and has an incredible drive towards motivating you and building up the best version of yourself. The training structure is a mix of practical and theoretical sessions combined to make it easy to comprehend and build up your confidence. I highly recommend the training, I honestly believe that it is vital for flight attendants that would like to transition to business aviation to attend it. Thank you Dietmar, for offering your continuous support before, during and after the training!

Lavinia Untanu

I just wanted to thank you for the four-day online VIP flight attendant training course. It was really helpful and motivating. Honestly,it’s worth the price and more. I will recommend you for my colleagues as well. It’s amazing how empassioned you are about corporate aviation and I felt that throughout the online training. And I know from your course and the motivation you gave me, that I will be able to fly again- and for that I’m forever grateful and happy.

Gerli Sang

I am very grateful for having attended Mr Dullers VIP flight attendant course. I only can recommend him to whoever wants to take a step towards corporate aviation. The course exceeded my expectations, by far, as It covered all aspects from in-flight silver service technique to private jet specific SOP’'s and beyond. Personally, this course gave me the confidence and knowledge needed to apply for future openings in this field. Mr Dullers is exceptionally professional and devoted towards his program and highly recognised in the business aviation industry. Furthermore, he dedicates his time to assist you in creating the perfect CV. Moreover, he is anytime reachable for any enquiries that may arise along your new path.

Eva Suarez

I took part in the VIP board assistant training course ministered by Mr. Dietmar Duller and, although I was concerned on taking it online, I can confidently say that it was a fantastic experience. There weren’t any issues and Mr. Duller was always coming up with ways in which we could interact with one another while getting in touch with different subjects. After having worked with several commercial airlines, I had many doubts regarding the transition process I was submitted to, and also regarding the differences between commercial and corporate flying, but Mr. Duller cleared all of them without a doubt. I was shown the perfect notion on how the world of private jets works as well as the latest trends in the business and how it’s a highly personalized type of aviation. After the online training, Mr. Duller continues to follow and help over the CV and résumé making process, with that I’ve always felt supported and encouraged to crave success and gain a position in the business. The way Mr. Duller shows passion and knowledge regarding the industry is indisputable. He presents us with guidelines and encourages us to recall them, thus making us, the students, really understand the source and meaning of the taught concepts. Surely this was a course in which I’ve learned a lot and had the opportunity to improve myself.I’m thankful for the thoughtfulness and support, and couldn’t be happier with the results.

Vanessa Scardua

As I participated in Mr. Duller’s 4-day Online VIP Flight Attendant Training I had very high expectations, and he fulfilled all of them. I never had a trainer with that amount of passion and caring, which is clearly expressed throughout the course. I also had my thoughts about an online, compared to a physical course, but I have to admit, it worked very well. It was very intense and I learned so much during those four days but it was in way, that made the four days fly by. Because it felt like we were not just sitting behind the screen- he kept us very busy, which is good for me as this is the way I learn. The online VIP flight attendant training was very informative, advanced with the latest teaching methods and innovative at the same time. It was super interesting and very useful and I had lot of fun with my fellow students at the same time. I also wanted to thank Dietmar for his ability to connect each of us so deeply. Even though it was online, he made us feel so comfortable with each other and I am sure we are going to keep in contact and share experiences and good advise for a long time. Additionally, I have the exact same feeling with Dietmar. He is not just teaching you, but he also made it clear that he is there to help you after the course. He is not letting you go before your CV is perfect and you are always more than welcome to call him for any advice, help and support. For me that is worth gold.

Mathilde Groenberg Jensen

An absolutely outstanding course held by an exceptional mentor and trainer! This is how I can describe the 4 days of online training with Mr. Dietmar Duller. The highly interactive sessions are filled with accurate and up-to-date information. The real life scenarios offer a great insight into the private jet lifestyle. But more than anything, the knowledge the student is gaining is empowering and it builds confidence to transition from Commercial to Business Aviation. Thank you Mr. Duller for a wonderful learning experience! Your guidance and support to help us discover the business aviation industry is truly remarkable.

Ana Maria Cristisor

I've just completed the 4-day online training course and the feedback is absolutely amazing. The course is structured in webinar mode and it is perfectly organised in every detail. Every single part of the daily lessons is studied in depth to allow the crew to analyze, understand and explore the multi aspects of the corporate aviation business. Dietmar is an impeccable trainer and instructor, and this allows us to follow every lesson with the maximum attention and passion. I do recommend attending the 4-days training course in order to study in real depth all the aspects in the corporate industry. I consider this training absolutely fundamental to make a big step forward in the aviation careers, especially for those flight attendants who want to join the corporate aviation and for those who want to keep themselves up to date with the last trends in the business aviation industry.

Alessandro Riva

I had the pleasure to participate in Dietmar Duller’s Online VIP Flight attendant Service training “ Training Solutions” in January 2021 As an ex-commercial airline cabin crew member, I wished to convert to Corporate flight attendant, and thanks to this training and Dietmar dedication and full knowledge, regarding business aviation, I have learned a lot. Dietmar not only teaches you about the latest updates in the business aviation, but also about the silver service onboard. The course is intensive but Dietmar makes sure to make it fun and keeps us busy throughout the day. He guided me and advised about how to write a CV and the process of a job interview in the future. I definitely suggest to anyone who would like to gain more confidence as a new VIP flight attendant. Thank you Dietmar .

Geraldine Picq

I have been a flight attendant in private aviation without any training for the last 4 years and I decided to deepen my knowledge with Dietmar’s 3 days online training. The training was very smooth and structured with a lot of useful information designed to make anyone’s job easier and instill confidence. During the training, we were able to ask all our questions and get clear answers. Dietmar has a high level of emotional intelligence to explain and deal with individual concerns. He also helps you build a strong CV and get you ready for interview processes. He is patient and passionate about his job and I certainly recommend him.This training helped me to be more confident and I can’t wait to put in practice all the useful information I learned this training.

Tatiana Danu

Mr. Duller has a vast understanding of the Corporate Aviation Industry and can easily transfer information through examples, involving his trainees in the subjects he covers. Besides giving us a proper insight of the Business and every day operations, he is guiding the next VIP Cabin crew in judging and taking the right decisions in tough situations that might occur. What I loved the most was the genuine interest in our career development and the guidelines for a perfect CV. Thank you for your passion, I definitely loved taking part in your training!

Alexandra Selaru

Dietmar Duller has mastered the process of delivering a unique and exceptional online course for flight attendants who wish to work as private jet cabin crew. The practical scenarios were fun, useful information was delivered throughout, but most of all, I came away with the confidence and feeling that I was ready and prepared to take the next steps into the world of business aviation.

Jacqui Forbes

I have been working in the Middle East for the past 9 years as a cabin crew, and I can ensure everyone that this course is the best way to understand how private aviation works. Mr. Duller is very professional and puts a lot of passion into what he does. He is very attentive and personalizes the course to your situation, answering your questions before, during and after the course. The course itself is very interesting and interactive, and focuses in what is important: companies, product knowledge, silver service etiquette, wine pairing...but always with examples about what really happens in private jets in a day-to-day basis. What is also very important is that he helped us to build a strong CV to apply with confidence for future vacancies in the sector and also followed up on our progress.Thanks again Mr Duller:)

Paloma Magenti

I am grateful for having a chance to be part of the interactive online VIP flight attendant training course by Dietmar Duller. The training provided powerful insights, extensive knowledge, understanding and confidence. People who have never worked in business aviation and those who joined the private jet industry without the necessary training, will benefit and gain the crucial VIP skills. Learning never ends, only when we learn, can we grow and get better. Thank you Dietmar for everything you have done for me. It was my pleasure to be your student.

Patricia Hodalova

First and foremost, I would like to express my gratitude to you in regards to your Commercial to Corporate Flight Attendant Online Course. The Webinar was beneficial for me and for my development. I was excited to find answers for all my questions and to learn in only 3 days what others learn in years. The COVID-19 part of the course is extremely valuable and, I believe it will be an advantage while we care for our clients, companies, aircrafts and ourselves. Secondly, I was deeply impressed by the structure of the course and how you managed to teach us something practical through an online platform. Lastly, I would like to thank you for the opportunity of attending, for benefiting from your knowledge and experience in the private aviation field and for your patience and teaching skills. I will be sending my CV updated after your guidelines for your review. I definitely consider you, Dietmar Duller, a mentor and I would be honored to attend more of your courses for future improvement as the field’s requirements change very fast in this field.

Denisa Zava

I had the opportunity to do the online VIP cabin crew training course with Dietmar, and I could not be happier. The content and the way he familiarizes us with private aviation and all its specifics was exceptional. A complete and comprehensive course, which I would definitely recommend to cabin crew who wishes to gain skills and knowledge about the responsibilities of private jet cabin crew.

Sonia Castan Azorin

I am grateful for the opportunity to attend the online VIP flight attendant training course with Mr.Dietmar Duller. It gave me all the insights and knowledge required for the private jet industry. The course itself tackles all the main points on how to be successful in this industry from understanding the recruitment process of private jet companies, to the skills required to excel as a VIP flight attendant, such as food/beverage knowledge and even preparing your mindset for interview questions and building your CV to showcase your personality and experience. I truly recommend this course as a stepping stone to anyone who wants to work in this very competitive and specific industry.

Claudia Domingues

I did the online training course with Mr. Dietmar Duller, on June 2020. I have to say everything went really smoothly, the course layout and the way he shared information with us was easy to understanding, and kept our attention focused at all times. The training itself is very interesting and it's clear that Dietmar is doing it with passion which he also transmitted to us. I totally recommend his course as it gives a better and clearer idea of how the business aviation world works, especially for those flight attendants who are still in the commercial aviation sector. I'm truly thankful to have chosen his course and I couldn't ask for a better trainer!

Fabiana di Fonzo

I would like to start by thanking Mr. Dietmar Duller for the opportunity to take part in the online private jet cabin crew training course at Training Solutions and for sharing his knowledge and experience. This is the ideal online training course for commercial flight attendants who wish to make the transition into business aviation. I found myself free to learn more, clear doubts and discuss some important topics about private aviation. During and after the training I received great support and important guidelines for my CV and job search.Highly recommended the online training webinar with Dietmar Duller. Thank you.

Andrea Castro

I attended the Online VIP Flight Attendant training conducted by Mr. Dietmar Duller. The online training structure offered a wide range of topics highly related to the business aviation industry. Mr. Duller managed to create a very warm and approachable atmosphere during the sessions. His extensive and deep knowledge regarding the private je industry are impressive and offered all of us the opportunity to build on our confidence upon entering the world of business aviation. The training had the perfect balance between theory and practice that allowed us to remain focused and involved during each session. I highly recommend the online VIP flight attendant training to anyone considering starting a new career or developing an already existing one in the world of aviation.

Yoana Kremenska

I thoroughly enjoyed the 3-day online private jet cabin crew course with Dietmar. This course provided me with a great deal of knowledge and confidence moving forward. Thank you again for the motivation and detail you provided, I enjoyed every minute. You are patient, thorough and openly shared your wealth of knowledge.”

Ashleigh Murphy

Mr. Duller's professionalism, helpfulness, the structure of the 3-day online webinar and the topics we have covered were all fantastic, interesting and full of useful information. Thank you for sharing with us your knowledge, experiences and thoughts as well as your advice, it was a real privilege to learn from a true icon like you. I have spent several years in the aviation industry and thanks to Mr.Duller's patience and the many examples he shared with us during his lectures, I could easily follow and understand everything. I also have to highlight the wonderful team spirit he created for us even though we were in different parts of the globe. We all have gained confidence during these 3 days, and I am looking forward to extending my knowledge and continuing this journey. Thank you Mr. Duller for your exceptional webinar, we are all lucky that we have a MENTOR like you. I highly recommend this webinar for everyone who would like to learn more about the corporate aviation world and I am sure these 3 valuable days will define and guide us for the rest of our career."

Dorottya Anna Macsai

The online private jet cabin crew training course with Dietmar Duller was very informative and offers commercial cabin crew a good perspective of the business aviation industry. As I was working for a commercial airline in the past I needed knowledge of how to enter and thrive in the business aviation industry as a private jet cabin crew, which I strongly believe this online course does offer.

Maja Bobic

Switching from commercial cabin crew to private airline was a big step to take and to attendant Mr. Dietmar Duller’s online VIP flight attendant training was the best step to enter the world I could take. A webinar training is unusual but it goes with our global trend now and it was really very well structured and organized. I can confidently say that my private jet cabin crew interview that followed was successful because of the recommendations and advice from Dietmar on how to present myself. I would recommend the online VIP flight attendant training to anyone with the same dream.

Marie Andre

Dear Dietmar, thank you very much for providing the online private jet cabin crew course. You gave me a completely different perception of what “high class flying” can look like. You have shown and explained to me why fine dining is important. This knowledge can be delivered with elegance and I can’t wait to take my opportunity and deliver what I’ve learned from you in your online private jet cabin crew training course, which was conducted from Switzerland. Thank you.

Veronika Mesikova

The training with Mr. Duller was very flexible to meet my needs. The whole aspect/topics were just great! I found it all to be just right. I am more confident in the way I would attend any private jet interview with a huge amount of knowledge and confidence. I would like to thank you for ever for this opportunity and the spirit you created during the training, and for your professionalism as well as the follow up. It is a training and a trainer that I will definitely remember and recommend to every person who is looking forward to join this career.

Zineb Blanchete