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Geraldine Petit


Private jet cabin crew, France

Private jet cabin crew from France

Since I met Dietmar in July 2018, we still have a really good relationship. He is always available, helpful and generous. I can send him a message or email and he always replies as soon as he can. For example, I asked him how to improve my CV, what I needed to emphasise and what I didn’t. Straight away, he suggested that I do some research that would potentially help towards my following appointment. He is always one step ahead, looking towards the future.

While I was still on my first step (create my CV), he was already planning all the recruitment process and more! Because we are all individual and have different skills to offer, Dietmar takes time to learn about each of us. With Dietmar’s experience in business aviation, he can identify our skills and make the best use of all our experience. His training helps us identify the best ways of welcoming and serving the clients, taking into account their cultural and religious practices. The training also covers good gourmet food practices and storage. All of this helps us to create a comfortable atmosphere in a private jet. He has always a little story or experience to share, and these are very pleasant and informative to listen to. I still have his booklet that he gave us at the end of the training course. It’s like a mini encyclopedia, there for when I need a reminder or to brush-up my knowledge.

Geraldine Petit
Private jet cabin crew from France, Geraldine Petit