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Mathilde Groenbech Janse


Private jet cabin crew, Denmark - Germany

Former commercial cabin crew who transition successfully to private jet cabin crew, Denmark - Germany

I joined Dietmar’s training in 2021 and the decision to participate in his corporate flight attendant training in 2021 has been the most important step I made in my career as a flight attendant. Today, a bit more then 3 months later, I have my first working day at my new job as a private jet cabin crew. My dream job and position I could not have reached without the help, support and advice from Dietmar. Due to Covid-19, I lost my job as a flight attendant. After a year without flying my boyfriend told me about Dietmar and his training and I got in contact with Dietmar immediately. One week later, I was participating in his 4-day online training course. During those four days I learned a lot. The course was very intense but so incredibly good and interesting. The days flew by and you just wished the days were longer. But, luckily it did not end after those four days. Dietmar has been on my side since the course. He has been supporting me with everything from editing and finishing a perfect Curriculum Vitae, to finding the right positions to apply for and has supported and advised me before and after my interviews. I have been in touch with Dietmar after every interview and his advice and experience is very beneficial. He is leaving every decision up to you, but he is helping you made the right one. In the private jet cabin crew industry it is very valuable to have an experienced mentor next to you and I cannot wait to call Dietmar and tell him about my first flight in my new role. Furthermore, it gives me a good and safe feeling to know, that Dietmar is never more than a call away if help, advice or professional experience is need during my duty. Thank you Dietmar. I am very grateful and I can highly recommend to participating!

Mathilde Groenbech Janse
Mathilde Groenbech Jansen, Former commercial cabin crew who transition successfully to private jet cabin crew, Denmark- Germany