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Melissa Motte, Senior Butler


Private jet cabin crew Switzerland

Achieved her goal and succeeded in the transition from butler to private jet cabin crew.

Working in private aviation was a dream I had for many years but without any knowledge of the private industry, it was impossible for me to land the first job.

Meeting Dietmar and doing a one-to-one training with him made ALL the difference.

He is a real mentor who gets to know you and supports you not only during the training but until you succeed! 

The content of the training is of great quality and he has an extensive knowledge of the industry.

Most of all, Dietmar has been supporting me throughout the process: practical knowledge, explaining how the industry works, making a perfect CV, giving me confidence, giving advices on how and where to apply, getting ready for an interview and for an assessment day, answering my questions,…

After having carefully followed Dietmar’s guidance and advices, I’ve signed my first contract just 4 months after the training and I am confident that I can always follow his precious advices for all the major steps I will make in the industry.

Having Dietmar as a mentor is a huge advantage and privilege! I would recommend anyone who is passionate and who is not sure where to start, to do a training with him.

Melissa Motte

Ambassador Melissa Motte2 - Flight Attendant Training