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Sigrid Härkönen


Private jet cabin crew

Private jet cabin crew, Finland

I heard of Mr. Dietmar Duller in 2014 from a colleague who showed me his VIP flight attendant training material when I started my new job as a private jet cabin crew member. I admired his handouts from the first time I read his material. I reached my goal a few years later when I attended his training course in Geneva.Only after this training I learned what it means to be a VIP Flight Attendant. Dietmar’s knowledge is very extensive; he is the utmost professional and very well known in the business aviation industry.The quality of his training is very impressive and I have learned a lot and have gained confidence. Since the training course we’ve been keeping in touch via email and Dietmar has been mentoring me. He always helps me when needed and yes, Dietmar’s advice is always needed.
Sigrid Härkönen
Private jet cabin crew Sigrid Härkönen, Finland