Shireen Seedat, Cabin crew manager, Johannesburg, South Africa

Transitioning from commercial to private flying has been a dream job for me but extremely overwhelmbut thankfully Dietmar @Training Solutions, has set the foundation & made me feel like my dream can now be a reality! The online course gives one access to understanding the world of vip/private flying & also an additional level of […]

Justyna Placzek, Cabin Crew Supervisor at Etihad Airlines, Poland- United Arab Emirates

I’m very satisfied with the 4-day webinar given by Dietmar. It was the best learning experience I have ever had. I enjoyed every minute of it. The training was well-structured with many great and useful exercises using real life examples. Every element of the day was engaging and enlightening. Dietmar is an excellent coach who […]

Soazig Pennec, VIP Flight Attendant, France

The 4-day Private Jet Cabin Crew webinar with Dietmar was an excellent tool for a refresher after a break. It was really great and convenient to be able to participate in this online training. The atmosphere and content of the course are conducive to learning in the best conditions. I highly recommend this training to […]

Maki Fox, Japan- United Kingdom, April 2022

Dietmar kindly reached out very quickly to support me from the moment I first contacted him. He treated me just like any other existing professional corporate flight attendant even though my previous experience was a long way back. I feel his training caters for any level both experienced and non-experienced private jet cabin crew, as […]

Chiara Loiacono. Cabin Crew Supervisor, Italy- Switzerland , January 2022

I would like to thank Mr. Dietmar a lot for his professionalism and his helpful support during the VIP flight attendant training course. For me, it was a great and constructive experience where I could learn a lot about business aviation. I was really happy to attend those three days. Fiirst of all, because the […]

Aliya Tazieva, Business Class Cabin Crew from Russia working in the Middle East, February 2022

Finally, I am ready to thank you for the great corporate flight attendant course. I am happy to get my first knowledge of private aviation at Training Solutions. I refreshed my knowledge and also I got a lot of new information about fine dining, wine, aircraft types, the market and much more. Thank you for […]

Celina Mateo, Business Class cabin crew who works in the Middle East from Italy- Argentina, December 2021

I did the Online VIP training with Dietmar and it was a great experience. As I have only worked on commercial aviation before, this course helped me learn all the difference in priorities when it comes to VIP customers; learn all the required knowledge of table setting, food pairings and menu creation; and most importantly […]

Ana Mosquera Argibey, Former Emirates Cabin Crew Supervisor from Spain- November 2021

I couldn’t be happier with Dietmar Duller’s webinar; he is very knowledgeable and he solved every single question we had. I loved that we were a reduced group of people so everything felt more personalized and, even though the course was online, we had practical exercises. I recommend this course to anyone that would like […]

Maria Grepsiou, Former Business Class flight attendant with Qatar Airways- Qatar- Greece, October 2021

Coming from a commercial aviation background, this training provided me with an insight into private aviation. Getting to know the aircrafts, catering guidelines, getting information about the market worldwide, all these aspects of the training were useful and helpful. I now have a better understanding of the private aviation industry. What is equally important though, […]

Ex- Etihad Business Class and private jet cabin crew, Poland, September 2021

I truly recommend taking the 4-day private jet cabin crew webinar with Dietmar. It teaches you not only how to excel in your job as VIP Flight Attendant, but also how to become more lady-like, familiar with gourmet foods and knowledgeable in wine industry. The training is a great investment in both professional and private […]