Chiara Loiacono. Cabin Crew Supervisor, Italy- Switzerland , January 2022

I would like to thank Mr. Dietmar a lot for his professionalism and his helpful support during the VIP flight attendant training course. For me, it was a great and constructive experience where I could learn a lot about business aviation. I was really happy to attend those three days. Fiirst of all, because the training is well structured and it develops in an interactive way which gives the participants the opportunity to express and share their feelings, thoughts , experiences and to clarify any doubts. Dietmar shares his passion and his knowledge all through the training and he does it in a such a dedicated and detailed way, that is amazing. The training course covers many topics, from the description of business aviation companies and different aircrafts, to the service and your CV. Dietmar is a very well organized instructor, always reachable via phone calls or emails, to which he answers promptly. I highly recommend attending the training course.

Chiara Loiacono