Helen Burt

This is a VIP flight attendant training course which is perfect for people like me, who wish to move from commercial aviation into the world of private aviation. The course itself was very professional and informative. I learned so much including silver service; specific to private jet flying, childcare excellence, food and wine pairing, and much more! Dietmar was so engaging and really went above and beyond to tailor the course to mine and the other participant needs. The most important and amazing thing for me was however, was the aftercare that Dietmar provided. He helped me with my CV-, and when I asked for help regarding specific interviews, he went out of his way to use his contacts in the industry to answer my questions. In the end, it was actually Dietmar who found me a VIP flight attendant job;- He told me about a job he thought I might be suitable for, I applied, and with his support, training and CV help, am delighted to say that I am now doing the job that he recommended for me, mere months after completing the course!! I literally would not be in my dream job had it not been for Dietmar. I cannot recommend him and his course enough. Thank you so much Dietmar, you have made my career.

Fomer Virgin Atlantik cabin crew from the United Kingdom, transitioned successfully from commercial to VIP cabin and works for a business aviation company in the Europe.
Helen Burt

From commercial to VIP cabin crew started in 2017 as Training Solutions celebrated 10 years VIP flight attendant training & recruitment.