Mariana Mane

From the point of view of a simple girl without any experience of being a flight attendant, Mr. Dietmar Duller was a fundamental piece on this “equation” Mr. Duller did an amazing job and he explained to me that the business aviation industry and it specifics in a very good way. He trained me with high standards which is mandatory for this kind of job. It was two intensive days of information and practice and in the end I really felt that it was a fantastic experience for which I am very grateful. I would recommend this training because it is very complete. We approached all the important subjects and he had a strong focus on attention to details which make the difference when working as a private jet cabin attendant. I can say that I have been very lucky to have the opportunity to have a one-to-one training with Mr. Dietmar Duller!

Hospitality professional who transitioned successfully and works now as a VIP cabin crew on a business jet-  Portugal, May 2019 Mariana Mane

From commercial to VIP cabin crew started in 2017 as Training Solutions celebrated 10 years VIP flight attendant training & recruitment.